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Project Leader Project Title Type of Project
** Past behavior of the Southern Ocean’s atmosphere and cryosphere (SOUTHSPHERE) Research_Project
** PAGES International Project Office Research_Project
Bardou Eric Konzept zur Berücksichtigung der Risiken bei Eisschmelzprozessen in der Kryosphäre (RDC) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Bartels-Rausch Thorsten The impact of the physical micro-environment of impurities in snow on their re-distribution during metamorphism, chemical reactivity, and transfer to ice core archives. Research_Project
Bartelt Perry AVAL-1D: An Avalanche Dynamics Program for the Practice Research_Project
Bauder Andreas Variations of Grosser Aletschgletscher Research_Project
Berne Alexis Multiscale observation and simulation of alpine precipitation Research_Project
Berne Alexis Characterization of summer precipitation in a coastal region of Antarctica Research_Project
Ellwood Michael Tracing the iron cycle in the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Fischer Andrea Glaciological monitoring in Hohe Tauern National Park: Venedigerkees und Mullwitzkees Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Fischer Hubertus AeroTope: A novel method for mass spectrometric measurements of nitrogen iso-topes in NH4+ - An aerosol derived proxy to quantify nutrient cycling efficiency in the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus iceCP-TOF Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction/laser spectrometry Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus The East Greenland Ice-core Project - EastGRIP Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Beyond EPICA – Oldest Ice Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Climate and Environmental Physics – Innovations in Ice Core Science (iCEP)
Fischer Hubertus NOTICE: Noble gas global mean ocean thermometry on ice cores Research_Project
Frey Beat Untersuchung des Einfluss von Höhe und Exposition auf das Bodenmikrobiom mittels Bodentransfer an alpinen Gipfeln entlang eines Höhengradienten Dissertation
Funk Martin Dynamic changes of tidewater outlet glaciers: Bowdoin glacier, Northwest Greenland Research_Project
Gassmann Max Reduced incidence of cancer at high altitude: analyzing the impact of hypoxia on tumor development Research_Project
Geiger Alain GNSS Remote Sensing of snow coverage on ground and glacier surfaces Research_Project
Hajnsek Irena Monitoring avalanches and snowpacks with two ground based polarimetric and interferometric radars Research_Project
Hassler Christel Impact of interactions between biological key players on iron and carbon recycling in the Southern Ocean: Consequences for iron limitation Research_Project
Hassler Christel Biodiversity and isolation of bacteria and viruses in contrasted regions of the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Hoelzle Martin Snowline observations to remotely derive seasonal to sub-seasonal glacier mass balance in the Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains Research_Project
Holm Patricia Die Kälte erobern: Sind antarktische Fische fähig, die Belastung mit Umweltchemikalien zu bewältigen? Research_Project
Hübl Johannes Snowmelt simulation in high-alpin areas
Illner Michael Bewegungsmessungen am Blockgletscher Macun (Schweizerischer Nationalark) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Ingensand Hilmar Glacier Monitoring Research_Project
Ivy-Ochs Susan Reconstructing patterns of bedrock glacial erosion and Lateglacial glacier extents in the Alps with field mapping and cosmogenic 10Be, 14C, and 36Cl analyses Research_Project
Jaccard Samuel AmocCC - Constraining the relationship between climate, ACC flow intensity and Antarctic Meridional Overturning Circulation across the last glacial cycle Research_Project
Jason Box Understanding and predicting non-linear change in the permeability of Greenland firn Research_Project
Kollmar-Paulenz Karenina Mongolische Erfahrungswelten in Zeiten globaler Vernetzung: Das Ordos-Gebiet in den letzten Jahrzehnten der Qing-Dynastie Research_Project
Lehmann Peter Acoustic emissions from progressive failures in snow and soil: Towards predictability of abrupt mass release Research_Project
Lehning Michael Snow-atmosphere interactions driving snow accumulation and ablation in an Alpine catchment Research_Project
Leuenberger Markus Beitrag an den Unterhalt und Betrieb der Hochalpinen Forschungsstationen Jungfraujoch und Gornergrat, 2015-2017 Research_Project
Lohmann Ulrike A new parameterization scheme for ice and snow in climate models Research_Project
Lüthi Hans Peter Understanding long-term outlet glacier calving dynamics with a combined high-resolution field, -remote-sensing- and modelling approach Research_Project
Lüthi Martin Peter Understanding long-term outlet glacier calving dynamics with a combined high-resolution field,- remote-sensing- and modeling approach. Research_Project
Machguth Horst Greenland surface mass balance observations from the ice sheet ablation area and local glaciers Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Swiss glacier monitoring network Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Glaciological investigations at Glacier du Giétro and Glacier de Corbassière Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Effects of Climatic Fluctuations on Runoff Production and Water Resources Management in HighlyGlacerized Alpine Basins: Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Mass balance studies on Griesgletscher and Silvrettagletscher Research_Project
Ohmura Atsumu Energy Balance over Seasonal Snow Cover in Alpine Climate Research_Project
Paul Frank Glacier and glacial lake mapping and future development scenarios
Paul Frank CCI Sea-level-budget-closure Research_Project
Paul Frank Glaciers_cci (Phase 2) Research_Project
Phillips Marcia Permafrost temperature monitoring in Alpine rock walls: Borehole temperature measurement in the East Ridge of Jungfrau Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Pohjola Veijo Snow physic studies Research_Project
Rixen Christian Climate change and winter tourism: ecological and economical effects of artificial snow Research_Project
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Feedbacks between biodiversity and climate through plant traits and light interaction in the Arctic tundra Research_Project
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Towards an improved understanding of the tundra energy balance – dependence of radiative transfer on vegetation type
Schlüchter Christian Bewegungsmessungen an Blockgletschern im Schweizerischen Nationalpark (Val Sassa und Val da l`Acqua) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schwank Mike Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing in Application to "Vegetation & Soil" and "Snow & Soil" (MicroVegSnow) Research_Project
Schwikowski Margit Paleo fires from high-alpine ice cores Research_Project
Smiraglia Claudio Glacier variation in Valfurva (Stelvio National Park, Lombardia) and glacier dynamic at Stelvio Pass Research_Project
Steffen Konrad Surface Climate of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Assessment of Accumulation Variability and Change: the Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net)
Stocker Thomas Climate and Environmental Physics Research_Project
van Herwijnen Alec Near real-time monitoring of snow avalanche activity - much needed instability data to improve avalanche forecasting Research_Project
Vieli Andreas Extracting ice sheet dynamics and history from isochrone architecture Research_Project
Vieli Andreas Multitemporale Untersuchung und Analyse von Schuttfeldern im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Master
Wacker Lukas Improving Late Glacial European tree-ring chronologies for accurate climate archive dating - Consolidation and extension of the Swiss-German pine chronology back to 14 000 BP Research_Project
Walter Alexander Using terrestrial radar interferometry for observing and understanding calving glacier dynamics (provisional) Research_Project
Walter Fabian Glacial Hazard Monitoring with Seismology (GlaHMSeis) Research_Project
Weingartner Rolf Bestimmung des Schnee- und Gletscherschmelzanteils des Abflusses und Hydrographanalyse im Einzugsgebiet der Weissen Lütschine Master
Weingartner Rolf Bestimmung des Anteils von Schnee- und Gletscherschmelzwasser am Gesamtabfluss der Schwarzen Luetschine Master
Weingartner Rolf Evaluation of the Regional Vulnerability to Flooding in the Kander Valley Master
Weingartner Rolf Dynamische Bilanzierung des Wasserhaushalts im Jungfrau-Aletsch Gebiet Master
Zech Roland Ice Age Siberia - Climate, Landscape and Carbon Sequestration Research_Project
Zemp Michael Copernicus Climate Change Service GLACIER Research_Project
Zemp Michael World Glacier Monitoring Service Research_Project

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