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Project Leader Project Title Type of Project
** Past behavior of the Southern Ocean’s atmosphere and cryosphere (SOUTHSPHERE) Research_Project
** PAGES International Project Office Research_Project
Bardou Eric Konzept zur Berücksichtigung der Risiken bei Eisschmelzprozessen in der Kryosphäre (RDC) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Bartels-Rausch Thorsten The impact of the physical micro-environment of impurities in snow on their re-distribution during metamorphism, chemical reactivity, and transfer to ice core archives. Research_Project
Bartelt Perry AVAL-1D: An Avalanche Dynamics Program for the Practice Research_Project
Bauder Andreas Variations of Grosser Aletschgletscher Research_Project
Berne Alexis Multiscale observation and simulation of alpine precipitation Research_Project
Berne Alexis Characterization of summer precipitation in a coastal region of Antarctica Research_Project
Eisendle-Flöckner Ursula Micro- and meiobiota patterns in glacier driven stream habitats Research_Project
Ellwood Michael Tracing the iron cycle in the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Fischer Andrea Glaciological monitoring in Hohe Tauern National Park: Venedigerkees und Mullwitzkees Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Fischer Hubertus AeroTope: A novel method for mass spectrometric measurements of nitrogen iso-topes in NH4+ - An aerosol derived proxy to quantify nutrient cycling efficiency in the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus iceCP-TOF Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Deciphering the greenhouse gas record in deepest ice using continuous sublimation extraction/laser spectrometry Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus The East Greenland Ice-core Project - EastGRIP Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Beyond EPICA – Oldest Ice Research_Project
Fischer Hubertus Climate and Environmental Physics – Innovations in Ice Core Science (iCEP)
Fischer Hubertus NOTICE: Noble gas global mean ocean thermometry on ice cores Research_Project
Frey Beat Untersuchung des Einfluss von Höhe und Exposition auf das Bodenmikrobiom mittels Bodentransfer an alpinen Gipfeln entlang eines Höhengradienten Dissertation
Funk Martin Dynamic changes of tidewater outlet glaciers: Bowdoin glacier, Northwest Greenland Research_Project
Gassmann Max Reduced incidence of cancer at high altitude: analyzing the impact of hypoxia on tumor development Research_Project
Geiger Alain GNSS Remote Sensing of snow coverage on ground and glacier surfaces Research_Project
Hajnsek Irena Monitoring avalanches and snowpacks with two ground based polarimetric and interferometric radars Research_Project
Hassler Christel Impact of interactions between biological key players on iron and carbon recycling in the Southern Ocean: Consequences for iron limitation Research_Project
Hassler Christel Biodiversity and isolation of bacteria and viruses in contrasted regions of the Southern Ocean Research_Project
Hoelzle Martin Snowline observations to remotely derive seasonal to sub-seasonal glacier mass balance in the Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains Research_Project
Holm Patricia Die Kälte erobern: Sind antarktische Fische fähig, die Belastung mit Umweltchemikalien zu bewältigen? Research_Project
Hübl Johannes Snowmelt simulation in high-alpin areas
Illner Michael Bewegungsmessungen am Blockgletscher Macun (Schweizerischer Nationalark) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Ingensand Hilmar Glacier Monitoring Research_Project
Ivy-Ochs Susan Reconstructing patterns of bedrock glacial erosion and Lateglacial glacier extents in the Alps with field mapping and cosmogenic 10Be, 14C, and 36Cl analyses Research_Project
Jaccard Samuel AmocCC - Constraining the relationship between climate, ACC flow intensity and Antarctic Meridional Overturning Circulation across the last glacial cycle Research_Project
Jason Box Understanding and predicting non-linear change in the permeability of Greenland firn Research_Project
Jonas Tobias Snow distribution dynamics under forest canopy Research_Project
Kollmar-Paulenz Karenina Mongolische Erfahrungswelten in Zeiten globaler Vernetzung: Das Ordos-Gebiet in den letzten Jahrzehnten der Qing-Dynastie Research_Project
Lehmann Peter Acoustic emissions from progressive failures in snow and soil: Towards predictability of abrupt mass release Research_Project
Lehning Michael Snow-atmosphere interactions driving snow accumulation and ablation in an Alpine catchment Research_Project
Leuenberger Markus Beitrag an den Unterhalt und Betrieb der Hochalpinen Forschungsstationen Jungfraujoch und Gornergrat, 2015-2017 Research_Project
Lohmann Ulrike A new parameterization scheme for ice and snow in climate models Research_Project
Lüthi Hans Peter Understanding long-term outlet glacier calving dynamics with a combined high-resolution field, -remote-sensing- and modelling approach Research_Project
Lüthi Martin Peter Understanding long-term outlet glacier calving dynamics with a combined high-resolution field,- remote-sensing- and modeling approach. Research_Project
Machguth Horst Greenland surface mass balance observations from the ice sheet ablation area and local glaciers Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Swiss glacier monitoring network Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Glaciological investigations at Glacier du Giétro and Glacier de Corbassière Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Effects of Climatic Fluctuations on Runoff Production and Water Resources Management in HighlyGlacerized Alpine Basins: Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland Research_Project
Minor Hans-Erwin Mass balance studies on Griesgletscher and Silvrettagletscher Research_Project
Nikitin Ivan Impacts of climate change on the tourism business in the winter season in the Swiss National Park region Master
Ohmura Atsumu Energy Balance over Seasonal Snow Cover in Alpine Climate Research_Project
Paul Frank Glacier and glacial lake mapping and future development scenarios
Paul Frank CCI Sea-level-budget-closure Research_Project
Paul Frank Glaciers_cci (Phase 2) Research_Project
Phillips Marcia Permafrost temperature monitoring in Alpine rock walls: Borehole temperature measurement in the East Ridge of Jungfrau Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Pohjola Veijo Snow physic studies Research_Project
Rixen Christian Climate change and winter tourism: ecological and economical effects of artificial snow Research_Project
Rixen Christian Patterns and mechanisms of local colonization and extinction of alpine plant species on mountain summits Research_Project
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Feedbacks between biodiversity and climate through plant traits and light interaction in the Arctic tundra Research_Project
Schaepman-Strub Gabriela Towards an improved understanding of the tundra energy balance – dependence of radiative transfer on vegetation type
Schlüchter Christian Bewegungsmessungen an Blockgletschern im Schweizerischen Nationalpark (Val Sassa und Val da l`Acqua) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schneebeli Martin Snow dynamics: From microscopic experiments to macroscopic applications via dedicated mean-field modeling Research_Project
Schwank Mike Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing in Application to "Vegetation & Soil" and "Snow & Soil" (MicroVegSnow) Research_Project
Schwikowski Margit Paleo fires from high-alpine ice cores Research_Project
Smiraglia Claudio Glacier variation in Valfurva (Stelvio National Park, Lombardia) and glacier dynamic at Stelvio Pass Research_Project
Steffen Konrad Surface Climate of the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Assessment of Accumulation Variability and Change: the Greenland Climate Network (GC-Net)
Stocker Thomas Climate and Environmental Physics Research_Project
van Herwijnen Alec Near real-time monitoring of snow avalanche activity - much needed instability data to improve avalanche forecasting Research_Project
Veit Heinz Soils and palaeosols on the Swiss Plateau in the area of the former Rhone-Aare-glacier Research_Project
Vieli Andreas Extracting ice sheet dynamics and history from isochrone architecture Research_Project
Vieli Andreas Multitemporale Untersuchung und Analyse von Schuttfeldern im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Master
Wacker Lukas Improving Late Glacial European tree-ring chronologies for accurate climate archive dating - Consolidation and extension of the Swiss-German pine chronology back to 14 000 BP Research_Project
Walter Alexander Using terrestrial radar interferometry for observing and understanding calving glacier dynamics (provisional) Research_Project
Walter Fabian Glacial Hazard Monitoring with Seismology (GlaHMSeis) Research_Project
Weingartner Rolf Bestimmung des Schnee- und Gletscherschmelzanteils des Abflusses und Hydrographanalyse im Einzugsgebiet der Weissen Lütschine Master
Weingartner Rolf Bestimmung des Anteils von Schnee- und Gletscherschmelzwasser am Gesamtabfluss der Schwarzen Luetschine Master
Weingartner Rolf Evaluation of the Regional Vulnerability to Flooding in the Kander Valley Master
Weingartner Rolf Dynamische Bilanzierung des Wasserhaushalts im Jungfrau-Aletsch Gebiet Master
Zech Roland Ice Age Siberia - Climate, Landscape and Carbon Sequestration Research_Project
Zemp Michael Copernicus Climate Change Service GLACIER Research_Project
Zemp Michael World Glacier Monitoring Service Research_Project

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