Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics


Type of Structure: program
Regional Scope: global
Parent Organisations: SCOR.IOC, ICES, PICES, IGBP.ICSU
Child Organisations:
Duration : 1996 to 2010 COMPLETED
Contact Address: Dr. Manuel Barange
GLOBEC International Project Office
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Prospect Place
Plymouth , PL1 3DH
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1752 633 160 ; +44 (0)1752 633 400
FAX: +44 (0)1752 633 101
e-Mail: m.barange(at)

holding an official function in GLOBEC

General information and objectives

The goal of GLOBEC is to advance our understanding of the structure and functioning of the global ocean ecosystems, its major subsystems and its response to physical forcing, so that a capability can be developed to forecast the responses of the marine ecosystem to global change.

The primary objectives of GLOBEC are (IGBP, 1995c):
  • to understand how multi-scale physical environmental processes force large-scale marine ecosystem changes;
  • to determine the relationships between structure and dynamics in a variety of oceanic systems that typify significant components of the global ocean ecosystem, with emphasis on trophodynamic pathways, their variability and the role of nutrition quality in the food web;
  • to determine and predict the impacts of global change on stock dynamics using coupled physical, biological and chemical models; and
  • to determine how changing marine ecosystems will affect the global Earth system by quantifying feedback effects.

    To achieve these scientific goals, four Foci that reflect the scientific approach of the project have been identified:

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    Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2020)

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