START Mediterranean Network

Type of Structure: network / framework activity
Regional Scope: regional in the area: Europe
Parent Organisations: START
Child Organisations:
Duration : 0 to 2005 COMPLETED
Contact Address: Dr. Gerard Begni
Mediterranean Coordinating Office for START
B.P. 2101
FR-31055 Toulouse


holding an official function in START-Mediterranean

General information and objectives

The Mediterranean Basin represents a unique, multi-faceted ecosystem in which to study environmental change. With a dynamic climate system, a long history of land exploitation, and significant variability in water resources scientists around the Mediterranean face significant challenges to address the effects of environmental change on the system as a whole. Within the Mediterranean, START supports intra-regional capacity building research and training activities in which the scientists of Europe closely collaborate with their colleagues in the Magreb on common regional environmental problems. The joint ENRICH/START initiative, "RICAMARE," conducted numerous training and capacity building activities to entrain young scientists in global change research. Regional network scientists are now focusing on four, major research areas; 1) potential changes of the water-vapor cycle due to changes in atmospheric processes, 2) changes in the thermo-haline circulation of the Mediterranean Sea, 3) effects of land changes on Mediterranean climate variability, and 4) climate variability over the region.

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