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Projects (317 records)


Project Leader Project Title Type of Project
Armstrong Helen Conservation management of priority upland habitats through grazing: LIFE Project Mission/Management Oriented Project
Autonome Provinz Bozen Study of Armentara meadows: map out of vegetation and zoology- concept of management, protection and cultivation in the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Prags: development and controlling Research_Project
Backmeroff Christa Dendrocronological aspects of the rear Val di Sole Research_Project
Banares Baudet Angel Plant Recovery Plan Mission/Management Oriented Project
Banares Baudet Angel Plan de Recuperacion del Cardo de planta y de la Jarilla de cumbre Research_Project
Barancok Peter Vegetation map of the eastern part of the Belianske Tatry Mountains - synecology of the space communities of the area Research_Project
Bartels Rüdiger Servey of soil change on long term Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Bassi Enrico Reproductive status and nest selection of Golden Eagle and interaction with Bearded Vulture population Research_Project
Bauder Andreas Variations of Grosser Aletschgletscher Research_Project
Bauer Manfred Waldentwicklungsplan Research_Project
Baur Bruno 100 Jahre Forschung SNP: Erfassung und Sicherung bestehender Datensätze Coordinating_Project
Bigler Christof Climatic and topographic effects on mortality processes of mountain pine in the Swiss National Park Research_Project
Blanár Drahos Management of localities affected by secondary succession (practical protection) Research_Project
Bloc Alain Population dynamics of capercaillie on the Haute Chaine du Jura mountains Mission/Management Oriented Project
Bogner M. Meteorology in the National Park Kalkalpen (in collaboration with National Park Berchtesgaden (D)) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Bonelli Marco Mountain protected areas as refuges for threatened freshwater species: the detrimental effect of the direct introduction of alien species Research_Project
Borsdorf Axel Kriterienkatalog zur Bewertung von Biosphärenpark-Neuanträgen und zur Evaluierung der effektiven Umsetzung der Internationalen UNESCO-Richtlinien für Biosphärenparks Research_Project
Borsdorf Axel Protected areas in Southern Colombia Report
Borsdorf Falk The contribution of biosphere reserves to regional sustainability: an institutional approach Research_Project
Boyd Ian Elm Project Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian A Celebration of our Coasts Research_Project
Boyd Ian East Yar River Restoration Project Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian Farmed Landscapes Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian Green Gateways Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian Landscape and Culture Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian Natural Assets Mission/Management Oriented Project
Boyd Ian Sunshine Fare Mission/Management Oriented Project
Brang Peter Waldbauliche Dauerflächen im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Brang Peter Forstliche Versuchsflächen im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Brang Peter Monitoring Naturwaldreservate Schweiz Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Brassel Peter Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Briendl Stefan Fährtenkartierung von Wildtieren im Nationalpark Kalkalpen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Briendl Stefan Wildtierbeobachtung-Kartierung der Fauna im Nationalpark Kalkalpen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Buckingham Helen Hidden Heaths Mission/Management Oriented Project
Buckingham Helen Lead Rakes Project Research_Project
Callaghan Terry CEON - the Circumarctic Environmental Observatory Network Research_Project
Callaghan Terry SCANNET, Scandinavian/North European Network of Terrestrial Field Bases Research_Project
Callaghan Terry Retrospective and Prospective Vegetation Change in the Polar Regions: Back to the Future Research_Project
Callaghan Terry Environmental baselines, processes, changes and Impacts on people in sub-arctic Sweden and the Nordic Arctic Regions Research_Project
Cartwright Bob English Lake District National Park Mountain Massif Project Research_Project
Catalan Jordi Climate history as recorded by ecologically sensitive arctic and alpine lakes in Europe during te last 10 000 years; a multi-proxy approach (CHILL 10 000) Research_Project
Cherix Daniel Formica & Parcs Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Clementi Umberto The conservation of red deer with reference to impacts of forestry and agricultural dynamics Research_Project
Clementi Umberto Touristic proposal: exploitation of historical and naturalistic itineraries in the Rhaetian Alps Mission/Management Oriented Project
Coquillart Hervé Scientific study about protected butterfly, on fences protected and managed by the conservatory Mission/Management Oriented Project
Coquillart Hervé Biology of a relict population of pond turtle on Ile de Crémieu (38) Research_Project
Defila Claudio Phänologische Beobachtungen im Schweiz. Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Desmet Jean-François Contributions for knowledge of ecology and dynamism of Alpine Pagopede populations. Research_Project
Dirnböck Thomas Long-term ecosystem monitoring and research at LTER Zöbelboden Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Dobinski Wojciech Spatial occurence and geophysical characteristics of permafrost of Abisko area, Lappland, Sweden and Kasprowy Wierch, Tara Mts, Poland. Comparative study Research_Project
Drescher-Schneider Ruth Vegetationsentwicklung im Biotop Sulzkar Research_Project
Durban Villalonga Manuel Population Control Plan of the Rabbit and Mouflon Mission/Management Oriented Project
Eckelt Andreas Living forests and dead wood - Saproxylic beetle communities in two suspected virgin forest areas in the Nationalpark Kalkalpen (Upper Austria) Master
Elster Josef Geo-biodiversity of Abisko Mountains and Giant Mountains (Krkono_e/Karkonosze in Czechia and Poland respectively ) – comparative study of periglacial relief forms, their biota and survival during winter season Research_Project
Ente Life Ursus – Brown Bear Recovery Plan in Brenta Mission/Management Oriented Project
Ente Ibex reintroduction in the Park Mission/Management Oriented Project
Ente Studies on the " Glenodium sanguineum " in the Tovel Lake – Trentino – Italy Research_Project
Erschbamer Brigitta Abiotic and biotic drivers of seedling recruitment Research_Project
Ferguson Johanne Botanical Survey of upland areas around Loch Seaforth, North Harrris : Phase South Eisheken (ht/97/98/88) Research_Project
Fiedler Konrad Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher Bewirtschaftungsweisen und Nutzungsintensitäten von Almen auf die Tagfalterfauna im NP Gesäuse Master
Filli Flurin Ungulates in alpine habitats Coordinating_Project
Filli Flurin Jährliche Bestandeserhebung ausgewählter und seltener Tierarten im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Filli Flurin Dauerbeobachtung Schneehuhn Munt la Schera Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Filli Flurin Verkehrslärm am Ofenpass Mission/Management Oriented Project
Filli Flurin Estimation of chamois abundance in the Swiss National Park Research_Project
Fischer Andrea Glaciological monitoring in Hohe Tauern National Park Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Fischer Anton Monitoring of natural succession at an avalanche area Research_Project
Fischer Sabine Fledermausschutz im "Netzwerk Naturwald" Research_Project
Fraissinet Maurizio Wintering Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) populatios checking Mission/Management Oriented Project
Fraissinet Maurizio The Butterflies of the Vesuvio National Park Research_Project
Fraissinet Maurizio Increasing of Fresh Water Springs to encourage the Reproduction of the Green Toad (Bufo viridis) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Fraissinet Maurizio Census of Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians of the Vesuvio National Park. Mission/Management Oriented Project
Fraissinet Maurizio Re-introduction of the Porcupine (Histrix histrix) into the Vesuvio National Park Mission/Management Oriented Project
Fraissinet Maurizio Re- introduction of the Roe-Dear (Capreolus capreolus) in the Vesuvio National Park Mission/Management Oriented Project
Franz Helmut Impact of game population on young trees Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Franz Helmut Phenology Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Franz Helmut Meteorological Network of the National Park of Berchtesgaden Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Franz Helmut GLORIA-PNB: Contribution to teh Global Observation Reserach Initiative in Alpine Environments Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Franz Helmut Establishment of a monitoring database on botanical data for long-term environmental survey Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Freitag Anne Longterm study of a colony of Formica exsecta (Hymenoptera Formicidae) at Il Fuorn, Swiss national park Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Frey Hans The Reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture in the Alps Mission/Management Oriented Project
Freyer Klaus Monitoring of Reforestation on Blowdowns and Avalanche Areas (in collaboration with PN Bayerischer Wald (D)) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Friess Thomas Zoologische Erstuntersuchung von Dauerbeobachtungsflächen im Nationalpark Gesäuse Report
Friess Thomas Die Wanzenfauna (Insecta: Heteroptera) des Nationalparks Gesäuse Research_Project
Füreder Leopold Freshwater Monitoring in the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Gärtner Andreas Wildverbiss-Kontrollzaunnetz Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Gasinec Ivan Tatras chamois rescue programme Mission/Management Oriented Project
Gaudenz Nicola Fischbestand im Spöl Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Gerdol Ecophysiology and vegetational dynamism at the upper limits of the wood Research_Project
Gerecke Reinhard Quelluntersuchungen im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Giupponi Luca Vegetation analysis and estimation of forest reconstitution time in protected areas of Val Camonica (Southern Alps) where a commercial mixture of seeds was sown Research_Project
Giupponi Luca Mount Cavallo Botanical Path: a proposal for the valorization of an area of the Orobie Bergamasche Regional Park (Southern Alp Research_Project
Gmür Pascale Das Verbundprojekt AlpFUTUR und dessen Ergebnisse einer breiten Öffentlichkeit nahe bringen (AlpFutur Teilprojekt 19) Research_Project
Gonzalez Garcia Inventory of Spanish "Bucardo" Population Research_Project
Gonzalez Jean-Marc Intercommunal Charter for Environment and Sustainable Development Mission/Management Oriented Project
Gonzalez Jean-Marc Restoration of the Top of Mont Ventoux Mission/Management Oriented Project
Götz Joachim Sediment storage quantification and postglacial evolution of an inner- alpine sedimentary basin (Gradenmoos basin, Schober Mountains, National Park Hohe Tauern, Austria) Research_Project
Graf Kurt Erdkuchen-Bewegungen (Munt Cavagl) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Gravenhorst Gode Integrated survey of environment by ECE Countries (measure area: catchment area Forellenbach/ Schachtenau, National Park Bayerischer Wald) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Gritten Rod Control and Management of Rhododendron Ponticum, an invasive Species in Snowdonia Mission/Management Oriented Project
Gude Martin Analysis of geomorphic terrain units by field evidence and GIS modelling in the Abisko Mountains Research_Project
Gulder Hans-Jürgen Laufkäfer auf Sonderstandorten Research_Project
Güsewell Sabine Entwicklung von Strassenböschungsansaaten im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Habeler Heinz Mengenanalysen bei Schmetterlingen im Nationalpark Gesäuse (Lepidoptera) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Häberlin Heinrich Grid-connected Photovoltaic Plant Jungfraujoch Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Haller Ruedi Besuchermonitoring SNP Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Haller Ruedi Change-Check of the Habitats of the Alps (CC-Habitalp): Semantik, Logik und technischer Aufbau eines Änderungskartierschlüssels auf Stufe Landschaft für 4 Schutzgebiete in den Alpen Research_Project
Haller Ruedi APEX Flights in the Swiss National Park Mission/Management Oriented Project
Haller Ruedi Laserscan Macun Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Haseke Harald Quellmonitoring im Nationalpark Gesäuse Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Hasitschka Josef Geschichte der Almen im Gesäuse
Heitz-Weniger Annekäthi Botanische Feldaufnahmen - Vegetationsaufnahmen artenreicher Gebiete im Landschaftspark Binntal Research_Project
Hennig Sabine OpenStreetMap used in protected area management. The example of the recreational infrastructure in Berchtesgaden National Park Research_Project
Hochegger Karin Utilization History of Alkaline Fens in the Natura 2000 Area Ödensee Salzkammergut New Strategies for Future Management Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Holmlund Per Permafrost studies in the Abisko region Research_Project
Holzinger Werner Beifänge aus dem Borkenkäfermonitoring 2013 Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Hora Benedikt Do large private protected areas contribute to sustainable development? A case study from the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Neltume, Chile Research_Project
Horsfield David Cairngorms - Trampling and browsing damage Research_Project
Hrnciarova Tatiana Ecological carrying capacity Research_Project
Huemer Peter Schmetterlinge (Lepidoptera) im Natura 2000-Schutzgebiet Schwemm (Walchsee, Tirol): Artenvielfalt, Gefährdung und Schutzmaßnahmen.
Hufty Marc Governing Biodiversity in the Trans-Andean Biodiversity Hotspot
Hüglin Christoph Swiss National Air Pollution Monitoring Network (NABEL) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Humer-Gruber Heidi Biosphärenparks - Innovationsmotor oder Hindernis. Wahrnehmung und Sichtweise von Bäuerinnen und Bauern in Biosphärenparks Research_Project
Hunziker Marcel The effect of communicative and on-site measures on the behaviour of winter sports participants Research_Project
Illner Michael Bewegungsmessungen am Blockgletscher Macun (Schweizerischer Nationalark) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Imfeld Stephan GIStory - Revisiting the Swiss National Park Area Coordinating_Project
Jenny Hannes Ornithologischer Transekt Champlönch Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Jonasson Christer Environmental Impacts Assessment studies and Tourism development in the Abisko Region Research_Project
Jonasson Christer LUPOG - Land Use Impact in Polar and Sub-Polar Geosystems Research_Project
Jones Barbara CWM Idwal Grazing Removal Mission/Management Oriented Project
Jonsson Anders Impacts of terrestrial input of organic matter into lake ecosystems Research_Project
Jungmeier Michael Longtime Monitoring in the Hohe Tauern National Park (in collaboration with PN Berchtesgaden - D -, PN Ecrins - F -, PN Swiss -CH-) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Jungmeier Michael Integrated Monitoring for the Carinthian part of the Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau & Kärntner Nockberge Research_Project
Jurgeit Florian Gletschersteckbrief Zettalunitzkees Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Karlsson Jan Carbon dynamics in lakes Research_Project
Karlsson Staffan Effects by Epperita damages in the Tornetträsk region Research_Project
Karner Alois Space use and seasonel migration of red deer in Stelvio National park (South Tyrol) Research_Project
Keller Felix Erdstrombewegungen und Klimamessungen am Munt Chavagl (Schweizerischer Nationalpark; Dauerprojekt) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Kirchmeir Hanns Der Berg im Eis- vegetationsökologische Untersuchungen am Nunatak des Kleinen Burgstalles Research_Project
Knaus Florian Monitoring Natur und Landschaft in der UNESCO Biosphäre Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Knaus Florian Using drones as a monitoring tool to detect evidence of winter sports activities in a protected mountain area Report
Komposch Christian 3 Zoologische Rätsel zur Endemitenfauna im Nationalpark Gesäuse Research_Project
König Andreas Wildbiologische Begleitforschung im Sonderschutzgebiet Inneres Untersulsbachtal, NPHT Salzburg
Konzelmann Thomas Klimamessnetz SNP Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Konzelmann Thomas Mess- und Beobachtungsnetz MeteoSchweiz Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Kornan Martin Habitat and foraging niche requirements of birds within a primeval beech-fir forest Research_Project
Kotarba Adam Geomorphic dynamic studies inh the Abisko area Research_Project
Kreiner Daniel Hydrobiologische Untersuchung Sulzkarsee und Quellmonitoring Research_Project
Kreiner Daniel Vegetationsökologische Studie Schotterbänke Gesäuse Mission/Management Oriented Project
Kreiner Daniel Artenschutzprojekt Deutsche Tamariske (Myricaria germanica) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Kreiner Daniel Die Spinnenfauna (Arachnida: Araneae) ausgewählter Uferlebensräume der Enns und des Johnsbaches Report
Kreiner Daniel Moosvegetation auf Totholz Research_Project
Kreiner Daniel Holzbewohnende Porlinge Research_Project
Kreiner Daniel Die Vegetation moosdominierter Quellfluren Research_Project
Kreiner Daniel Totholzbewohnende Flechten Research_Project
Krisai Robert Das Gradenmoos in der Schobergruppe: Vegetation, Entstehung, Flechten, Moose, Pflege Research_Project
Krüsi Bertil Clonal diversity of Brachypodium pinnatum in Swiss National Park Research_Project
Kunzendorff Erhard Mapping of Orchid habitats Mission/Management Oriented Project
Lainer Ferdinand Bartgeier Monitoring Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lang Anthropological landscape and cultural weals
Leditznig Christoph Silva Fera - Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Schutzgebietsverwaltung
Lehar Günther Besucherzählung, Wertschöpfungs- und Motiverhebung im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Lenglacher Ferdinand Biotopkartierung Nationalpark Kalkalpen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lequette Benoit Golden Eagle Monitoring Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lequette Benoit Wolf monitoring Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lequette Benoit Bearded Vulture Research_Project
Lequette Benoit Black Grouse Monitoring Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lhota Simone Black Woodbecker (Dryocopus martius) in the Nature Park Schlern/Sciliar and Rieserferner-Ahrn/ Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Research_Project
Lotz Annette Chamois-Monitoring Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Lüdi Walter Neubildung des Waldes im Lavinar der Alp la Schera Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Maiolini Bruno HIGHEST-Arctic and Alpine stream Ecosystem research. Quality and integrity of high altitudes freshwater glacial ecosystems in Trentino Research_Project
Mairhuber Christian Der Gekörnte Bergwald-Bohrkäfer (Stephanopa- chys substriatus) im Nationalpark Gesäuse Report
Mairhuber Christian Der Alpenbock (Rosalia alpina) im Nationalpark Gesäuse – Folgeprojekt 2005 Report
Malle Gerald Das Rotsternige Blaukehlchen in den Elendtälern, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Kärnten Research_Project
Manatschal Gianreto Tektonischer Übergang Ozean - Kontinent Research_Project
Mann Stefan Arbeits- und Ausbildungsmarkt Alp: Abschätzung von Handlungsspielräumen und Erarbeitung von Empfehlungen (AlpFutur Teilprojekt 16) Research_Project
Markes Marija Integration of environmental concerns into mountain agriculture Workgroup for Central and Eastern Alps Mission/Management Oriented Project
Martinoli Adriano Mountain hare space use and ecology in Stelvio National Park (MoHaRe) Research_Project
Masseli Pierpaolo Protection and reintroduction of Val Troncea autochtonous trout (North West Alps-Turin-Italy) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Meikl Magdalena Testing of Fire Salamanders around Salzburg for Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans within a school project Report
Meiwes Karl Josef Development of forests Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Menne Benjamin Langzeitstudie subterrane Mikrobiologie Rettenbachhöhle Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Meuli Reto Giulio Nationale Bodenbeachtung (NABO) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Meyer Christian A. Dinosaurierspuren aus der Trias der Bündner Stöcke Research_Project
Midriak Rudolf Landscape-ecological plan of High Tatras settlement Research_Project
Mirtl Michael Integrated Monitoring-Langzeitmonitoring von Ökosystemen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Moreira-Munoz Andres Threats and challenges in a peri-urban transition zone Research_Project
Müller Dieter Trockenmauer-Inventar im Parc Ela Research_Project
Müller Jürg Paul Die Insektenfresser und Nagetiere des Schweizerischen Nationalparks - Artenliste, Verbreitung, Habitatnutzung Research_Project
Nadig Adolf Untersuchung der Orthoptera Research_Project
Nascimbene Juri Atlas of lichens distribution in Stelvio National Park (Trentino) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Nicoloso Sandro Assessing feasibility of monitoring roe deer density in Stelvio National Park (Trentino) by drive census Research_Project
Nievergelt Bernhard Jahreszeitliche Verteilungsmuster und der Äsungsdruck von Alpensteinbock, Gemse, Rothirsch und Reh in einem begrenzten Gebiet in der Val Trupchun Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Ninot Sugranes Josep Maria Spontaneous forestation in the Pinus uncinata domain and diversity change in the subalpine belt of the ‘Aigüestortes i estany de Sant Maurici’ National Park Research_Project
Nitsch Christoph Netzwerk Naturwald Research_Project
NP Donau Auen Wissenschaftliche Reihe
NP Gesäuse Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher Bewirtschaftungsweisen und Nutzungsintensitäten von Almen auf die Tagfalterfauna im NP Gesäuse. Master
NP Gesäuse Bestandsaufnahme von Tagfaltern (Lepidoptera) auf zwei verschieden bewirtschafteten Almen im Nationalpark Gesäuse Master
NP Gesäuse Hoverfly assemblages in the NP Gesäuse Master
NP Gesäuse Regional dynamics of Calamagrostis pseudophragmites on riverbanks in the NP Gesäuse inferred from AFLPs Master
NP Gesäuse Verbreitung der Neophyten entlang der Enns im Gesäuse und Handlungsempfehlung Master
NP Gesäuse Vegetationsökologische Analysen unterschiedlich intensiv bewirtschafteter Almen im Nationalpark Gesäuse Master
Obermiller Walter The reconstruction of debris flow frequency using sediments of lake Lago di Braies/N-Italy Research_Project
Oertli Beat Biodiversity Monitoring of Alpine Ponds (Macun, Swiss National Park) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Oszlanyi Julius GLORIA-TATRA - The European dimension of the global observation research initiative in Alpine environments (GLORIA) - a contribution to GTOS Coordinating_Project
Oszlanyi Julius Landscape-ecological optimal territorial and functional utilisation of the Biosphere Reserve Tatry Research_Project
Oszlanyi Julius Scenarios for reconciling biodiversity conservation with declining agricultural use in the mountains of Europe - BIOSCENE Research_Project
Ötztürk Sevgi Managment alternatives in national park areas Research_Project
Pachlatko Thomas Koordination AG Huftiere Coordinating_Project
Pagitz Konrad Geo-Tag der Artenvielfalt 2011 in Tirol - Alpenpark Karwendel.
Pandourski Ivan Stefanov Taxonomy, faunistics, morphology and zoogeography of the Copepods (Crustacea) from the Abisko National Park and surroundings Research_Project
Patin Bernard Diagnostic of mountain pasture Research_Project
Pavuza Rudolf Hydrogeology and Karstology of the Hartelsgraben - Gesäuse National Park, Austria Research_Project
Pedrini Paolo Valuation of the distribution and the productivity of golden eagle in the territory of the Stilfser Joch National Park and of the district of Val di Sole Research_Project
Pedrotti Luca Space use and seasonal migration of red deer in Stelvio National park (Trentino) Research_Project
Peyrot Valter Risk map of the probable avalanches localization in the Pragelato and Usseaux communes (North West Alps - Turin - Italy) Western Alps – Turin – Italy) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Phillips Marcia Permafrost temperature monitoring in Alpine rock walls: Borehole temperature measurement in the East Ridge of Jungfrau Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Pignatti Vegetational Cartography (second part) Research_Project
Ploner Rainer The potential and topical distribution of lagopus mutus, alectoris graeca, tetrao tetrix in the nature park Sextner Dolomiten Research_Project
Prenner Gerhard Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae) im Johnsbachtal Report
Pritchard Steward Loch Laidon Partnership and the Rannoch Moor summer cattle grazing experiments Research_Project
Priuli Ausilio Study about the rocky incision and the archeological - anthropolical evidences in the Trentino sector Research_Project
Proell Elmar Karst Spring Monitoring National Park Kalkalpen (in collaboration with PN Berchtesgaden (D)) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Proell Elmar Gewässer-Dokumentation Nationalpark Kalkalpen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Raduch Jozef Materalization of Species Conservation Selected Groups of Plants and Animals by Gestor System for Alpine Marmot
Rass Peter Vogelkundliche Bestandesaufnahme im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Kärnten
Reimann Stefan Measurements of Non-CO2 greenhouse gases at the high Alpine site of Jungfraujoch for the assessment of their European Sources Research_Project
Reimoser Friedrich Wildbiologische Begleitforschung in den Gasteiner Nationalpark- Pachtrevieren
Reiter Guido Building-duelling bats (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae, Vespartitionidae) in the Salzburgean part of the Hohe Tauern National Park and in the National Park communities of the Pinzgau Region : distribution and threats due to human activity Research_Project
Reiter Karl Mission/Management Oriented Project
Rey Peter Fliessgewässer-Monitoring Spöl und Ova Fuorn (Schweizerischer Nationalaprk) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Rey Peter Monitoring of fish stocks in the Swiss National Park (Macun) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Risch Anita Christina NUTNET (Nutrient network): Impact on nutrient fluxes, productivity and diversity in greenland ecosystems by consumers and fertilizing Research_Project
Risch Anita Christina Waldsukzession Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Risch Anita Christina Top-down effects of four herbivore groups of different body size on above- and belowground properties in grassland ecosystems of variable productivity (trophic cascades) Research_Project
Robin Klaus ORNIS SNP- Streifentaxation zur Erfassung der Vogelbestände Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Robinson Christopher Thomas Dauerbeobachtung Macun-Seen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Robinson Christopher Thomas Macun monitoring programme Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Rodewald Raimund Terraced landscapes in Switzerland (COST A27) Research_Project
Rosen Peter Carbon cykling in lake water over millenia Research_Project
Rosselli Domenico Tengmalms Owl biology in Val Troncea (Alpi Cozie-Turin-Italy) Research_Project
Rosselli Domenico Ibex Reintroduction in Val Troncea Natural Park (Alpi Cozie Torino Italy) (in collaboration with Gran Paradiso National Park (I)) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Rupf Reto Selecting insects as flagship species for Beverin Nature Park in Switzerland Master
Salomez Pierre Cartography of natural sites and habitats of the Park Mission/Management Oriented Project
Sascor Renato Distribution, territoriality and productivity of Golden Eagle in Alpine protected areas (Hohe Tauern (A), Dolomiti Bellunesi (I), Naturparke Südtirol (I), Stelvio National Park-South Tyrol) Mission/Management Oriented Project
Sattler Thomas Ornithologische Dauerbeobachtung in der subalpinen und alpinen Stufe des Schweizerischen Nationalparks und der Biosfera Val Müstair Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Sattmann Helmut Arianta IV - Report on the Workshop Alpine Land Snails 2014 Report
Schaepman Michael Huftiere im Lebensraum Val Trupchun / Ecolgical applications of imaging spectroscopy in alpine grassland Dissertation
Schanz Ferdinand Chemical and algological survey of five high mountain lakes in the SNP Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Scheuer Christian Holzbewohnende Pilze aus dem Hartelsgraben Research_Project
Scheurer Thomas Entwicklung der Brandfläche Il Fuorn im Schweizerischen Nationalpark Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Scheurer Thomas Dauerzäune SNP/Kontrollzaunprojekt Graubünden Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schläpfer Daniel Bergbau und Erzverhüttung am Pass dal Fuorn (Ofenpass) und im Gebiet der Val Trupchun. Neue Beiträge zur Geographie und Geschichte der historischen Montanwirtschaft im Schweizerischen Nationalpark und der Biosfera Val Müstair. Research_Project
Schloeth Robert Beobachtungen der Murmeltierkolonien durch Parkwächter Research_Project
Schlüchter Christian Bewegungsmessungen an Blockgletschern im Schweizerischen Nationalpark (Val Sassa und Val da l`Acqua) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schlüchter Christian Monitoring of springs in the Swiss National Park and Biosfera Val Müstair Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schmarda Thomas Bibliografie Naturpark Ötztal Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schmitzberger Ingrid Vegetation Monitoring of Open Habitats in the National Park Thayatal – Results of the First Period Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schön Bernhard Multiple Purpose Inventory National Park Kalkalpen Mission/Management Oriented Project
Schopf Axel Routinebetrieb der Online-Modellierung PHENIPS für den Nationalpark Gesäuse Research_Project
Schopf Axel Risikoabschätzung von Borkenkäfer-Massenvermehrungen im Nationalpark Gesäuse Research_Project
Schramm Oliver Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research LWF Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schramm Oliver Klimamessnetz LWF Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schröck Christian Stellungnahme zum Abdeckungsgrad der österreichischen N2000-Gebiete gemäß FFH-Richtlinie im Bereich der Organismengruppe der Moose Research_Project
Schulze Christian H. Vertical stratification of xylobiontic beetles in floodplain forests of the Donau-Auen National Park and potential effects of box elder control measures Research_Project
Schütz Martin Botanische Dauerbeobachtung im Schweizerischen Nationalpark: Räumlich-zeitliche Variabilität von Pflanzengemeinschaften Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schütz Martin Monitoring Pflanzenproduktivität (Schweizerischer Nationalpark) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schwab Gerhard Fauna and habitats in the Nature Park Trudner Horn/Monte Corno Research_Project
Schwarzenberger Tim Inventory of Capercaillie Mission/Management Oriented Project
Scott Ro Deer Commission for Scotland Red Deer Count Data: Capture of Data for SNH's GIS Mission/Management Oriented Project
Sekretariat Comparision of present Diptera distribution in Stelvio National Park (South Tyrol) respect to 1900 Research_Project
Smiraglia Claudio Glacier variation in Valfurva (Stelvio National Park, Lombardia) and glacier dynamic at Stelvio Pass Research_Project
Stofer Silvia Moos-Dauerflächen auf der Brandfläche Il Fuorn /Schweizerischer Nationalpark) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Streberova Eva Standards of quality for outdoor recreation Research_Project
Svajda Juraj Trail management, off-trail walking and visitor impact Research_Project
Sztatecsny Marc Beweissicherung und Biodiversitätsmonitoring in den Kernzonen des BR Wienerwaldes - Projektteil Amphibien Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Tappeiner Ulrike The Tyrolean Alps LTSER platform – providing scientific insights for better management of protected areas Report
Thierry Houard Monitoring of wild ungulates Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Tron Lucien Survey of ungulate populations of the Nationa Park Ecrins Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Tron Lucien Strict nature reserve of "Lauvitel" Mission/Management Oriented Project
Tron Lucien Servey of Galliformes and Raptors Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Tron Lucien Survey of Glaciers Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Türk Roman The role of Hohe Tauern National Park as a Noah's Ark for threatened lichens Research_Project
Turner Alex Environmental Change Network YR WYDDFA / Snowdon Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Udovc Andrej Connections between protected areas, tourism and development of the countryside
Uehlinger Urs Auswirkungen künstlicher Hochwasser (Spöl, Schweizerischer Nationalpark) Research_Project
Urmi Edwin Moosdauerflächen God dal Fuorn (Dauerprojekt) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Van Bogaert Rik Recent treeline dynamics Research_Project
Villa Mauro Management of grassland rich in endemic species and rich in different species - with scientifically controlled mowing and grazing Research_Project
Villa Mauro Reproduction ex situ of endemic flora or flora of applied scientific interest for conservation of biodiversity and restoration of environment Mission/Management Oriented Project
Villa Mauro Analysis of Avifauna Mission/Management Oriented Project
Vittoz Pascal - A database for Swiss vegetation permanent plots Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Vojtko Andras Monitoring survey system of plant associations in the Bükk National Park region. Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Vorauer Anton Fledermäuse im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Tirol
Wartmann Beat A. Orchideen-Inventar des Schweizerischen Nationalparks und der Val Müstair Research_Project
Wasem Ulrich Rottenaufforstung in der subalpinen Waldbrandfläche Müstair Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Wauters Lucas Trophic ecology of red sqirrel in alpine habitat Research_Project
Wiesenegger Hans Formation of glacial lakes - a recent dynamic process in the Hohe Tauern National Park Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Wiesmann Urs World Natural Heritage and Sustainable Regional Development Dissertation
Wiesmann Urs Monitoring in the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Wimmer Maximilian Digitale Karstquellen-Mess-Stationen Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Winding Norbert Zoological long term monitoring in the Special Protected Area Piffkar (National Park Hohe Tauern): Aves, Small Mamals, Grasshoppers Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Winding Norbert Dynamics of grasshopper populations (Orthoptera : Saltatoria) in subalpine and alpine grassland of the Hohe Tauern National Park 1990-1997 Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Winding Norbert Biodiversity database of the Hohe Tauern National Park Research_Project
Wipf Sonja GLORIA-SNP: Contribution to the Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Wittmann Helmut Phytosociological and mapping studies of pioneer-associations of Caricion bicoloris-communities in Salzburg, Tirol and Carinthia Mission/Management Oriented Project
Wrbka Thomas Vegetation Survey of Thayatal National Park – status and first r Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Zangger Adrian Biodiversity-Monitoring Switzerland (BDM-CH) Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Zechmeister Harald Gustav Die Moose ausgewählter Heißländen der Lobau Research_Project
Zingg Andreas Parcelle forêt jarinée 21-294 Research_Project
Zink Richard International Monitoring of bearded vulture Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Zink Richard Habichtskauz Wiederansiedlung Mission/Management Oriented Project
Zischg Andreas Diversicoltura – Biodiversität in der Kulturlandschaft Mission/Management Oriented Project
Zittra Carina Bestimmungsschlüssel der Culiciden (Insecta: Diptera) im Nationalpark Donau-Auen Research_Project
Zittra Carina Species inventory, ecology and seasonal distribution patterns of Culicidae (Insecta: Diptera) in the National Park Donau-Auen Research_Project
Zulka Klaus Peter Effects of gravel mining on the surface-active arthropod fauna of ephemeral gravel-bed stream valleys in the National Park Gesäuse (Styria, Austria) Research_Project

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