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Geospatial warning systems Nisyros volcano (Greece)
Type of Structure: coordinated project
Regional Scope: regional in the area: Europe
Parent Organisations:
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2000 to present
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holding an official function in GEOWARN

General information and objectives

Quiescent but active volcanoes in regions of high geodynamic unrest present a severe hazard and risk potential and require integrated monitoring, satellite surveying and modelling. Monitored geodetic, seismic and geochemical data together with satellite images will be transferred and unified in a coherent way to allow integration into a geo-spatial information system (GIS). An interactive and user-friendly multimedia tool will then be introduced as platform encompassing a workflow of graphical 2- to 4-D landscape models and all monitored data. Hazard and scenario modelling in space and time will be achieved within the CD-ROM/WWW-based multimedia platforms. An early-warning system and emergency plan, applicable to other volcanic areas and educational video spots will be delivered to generate public awareness. A quick reference manual serves for trouble shooting and quality assurance. The volcanic island of Nisyros (South Aegean Sea), that suffered a seismic crisis between 1996-1998 is seen as a unique example to accomplish the multi-parametric data set. The Nisyros case will then be compared with another European volcanic field, Campi Flegrei/Solfatara (Italy), which bears a high potential for volcanic reactivation and accompanied earthquakes.

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