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Global Change and Mountain Regions - Mounain Research Initiative

Type of Structure: coordinated project
Regional Scope: global
Child Organisations:
Duration : 2001 to present
Contact Address: Dr. Gregory Greenwood

e-Mail: gbgreenwood88(at)

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General information and objectives

The ultimate objectives of the Initiative is to

  • detect signals of global environmental change in mountain environments,
  • define the consequences of global environmental change for mountain regions as well as lowland systems dependent on mountain resources,
  • to make proposals towards sustainable land, water, and resource management for mountain regions at local to regional scales.

To achieve the objectives, the research under the Mountain Initiative will be structured around four Activities:

  • ACTIVITY 1: Long-term monitoring and analysis of indicators of environmental change in mountain regions
  • ACTIVITY 2: Integrated model-based studies of environmental change in different mountain regions
  • ACTIVITY 3: Process studies along altitudinal gradients and in associated headwater basins
  • ACTIVITY 4: Sustainable land use and natural resources management

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