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Gamification Concept for Mobile Applications in the Context of National Parks: A Case Study in the Swiss National Park

Project Number: CH-6284
Project Type: Master
Project Duration: 10/01/2017 - 03/31/2018 project completed
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Leading Institution: HTW Chur
Project Leader: Prof. Ivan Nikitin
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Chur
Comercialstrasse 24
7000 Chur
Phone: +41 81 286 39 80
e-Mail: ivan.nikitin(at)

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Legal and Social sciences, Economics
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Gamification is the concept of infusing elements of gameplay into non-game activities in order to make those activities more compelling (Gangadharbatla & Davies, 2016). Gamification evolved into a huge trend in various industries around the world. Gamification is an excellent tool that gets people to go outside and discover things and places that they otherwise might never experience. A gamification application (app) may require players to identify things in nature in order to move ahead and gain points and positions. It is an opportunity to introduce people to nature through technology. This way people learn more about nature and get more involved with it. The aim of the master thesis is to develop a gamification concept for mobile applications that could be used by national parks. Therefore, the following research question has been formulated: What is a suitable gamification concept for mobile applications in the context of national parks?
The research methodology for the master thesis consists of the following steps: - Development of an initial gamification concept based on the analysis of literature on different existing gamification design frameworks in context of natural experiences including national parks. - Evaluation of the initial gamification concept in form of a case study in the Swiss National Park (SNP). The evaluation of the concept is based on primary research in form of interviews or/and focus groups with experts and visitors from the SNP. This methodological approach intends to gain valuable feedback about the gamification concept’s content in form of a case study that will be conducted with the Swiss National Park. The choice of the SNP as the case in this research is justified in 2.6. In the context of the end result, the intention is that the evaluated concept from the case study is at least transferable to comparable national parks and thus a contribution to knowledge.

Leading questions:
What is a suitable gamification concept for mobile applications in the context of national parks?

Sprecher P. 2018. Gamification Mobile Application Concept for National Parks: A Case Study in the Swiss National Park. Masterthesis, HTW Chur.
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