Type of personal expertise
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering

Ecological Networks Basic Knowledge

Population Genetics
Population Dynamics
Botany / Phytogeography
Zoology / Zoogeopraphy
Habitat Fragmentation
Cartography of Biotopes and Habitats
Land Cover / Land Use Analysis
Data Conservation and Processing / GIS
Indicator systems

Ecological Networks Implementation

Evaluation of Feasibility/
Implementation Terrestrial Networks
Evaluation of Feasibility/
Implementation Aquatic Networks
Success Control
Ecological effectiveness
Social Issues
Economical Issues
Legal Framework

Alpine Convention

Mountain Agriculture
Nature / Landscape Conservation Tourism
Spatial Planning /
Sustainable Development
Mountain Forests Water
Soil Conservation Population and Culture

Convention on Biological Diversity

Thematic Areas
Cross Cutting Issues
Agricultural Biodiversity Ecosystem Approach
Inland Waters Biodiversity Sustainable Tourism
Forest Biodiversity Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
Mountain Biodiversity Indicators
Invasive Species Traditional Knowledge
Capacity Building
Incentive Measures
Protected Areas
Access to Genetic Resources
and Benefit Sharing
Biodiversity and Legal Issues

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