Patrick Wäger

Dr. Patrick Wäger
Head of Laboratory
Abt. Technologie und Gesellschaft
Lerchenfeldstr. 5
CH-9014 St. Gallen

Phone2: +41 (0) 58 765 78 45
E-mail: patrick.waeger(at)
URL Institution:

Programs in which Patrick Wäger holds an official function:
SAGUFsteering committee2010 -

Key Publications of Patrick Wäger (up to ten) :
Wäger, P.A. and Hischier, R. (2015) Life cycle assessment of post-consumer plastics production from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) treatment residues in a Central European plastics recycling plant. Science of the Total Environment 529: 158-167.

Widmer, R., Du, X., Haag, O., Restrepo, E. and Wäger, P.A. (2015) Scarce Metals in Conventional Passenger Vehicles and End-of-Life Vehicle Shredder Output. Environmental Science & Technology.

Müller, S., Wäger, P.A., Widmer, R., Williams, I.D. (2015) A geological reconnaissance of electrical and electronic waste as a source for rare earth metals. Waste Management 45, 226-234.

Wäger, P., Ejderyan, O., Schmid, F., Stauffacher, M. and Zingerli, C. (2014) The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities in Integrative Research on Natural Resources. GAIA 23 (2), 142-144.

Stamp, A., Wäger, P.A. and Hellweg, S. (2014) Linking energy scenarios with metal demand modeling - the case of indium in CIGS solar cells. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 93, 156-167.

Knöri, C., Wäger, P.A., Stamp, A., Althaus, H.-J. and Weil, M. (2013) Towards a dynamic assessment of raw materials criticality: Linking agent-based demand with material flow supply modelling approaches. Science of the Total Environment 461-462, 808-812.

Wäger, P.A., Lang, D., Widmer, D., Bleischwitz, R. and Hagelüken, C. (2012) Towards a more sustainable use of scarce metals. A review of intervention options along the metals life cycle. GAIA 21(4), 300-309.

Wäger, P.A., Schluep, M., Müller, E. and Gloor, R. (2012) RoHS regulated Substances in Mixed Plastics from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Environmental Science & Technology 46, 628?635.

Wäger, P., Hischier, R. and Eugster, M. (2011) Environmental impacts of the Swiss collection and recovery systems for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): A follow-up. Science of the Total Environment 409, 1746-1756.

Notter, D., Gauch, M., Widmer, R., Wäger, P., Stamp, A., Zah, R. and Althaus, H.-J. (2010) Contribution of Li-Ion Batteries to the Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology 44, 6550-6556.

Expertise of Patrick Wäger:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Topic Integrated SystemsLife Cycle
Topic TechnologyTechnology
Topic SustainabilitySustainability
Data Collection
Literature Study
Policy Analysis and Formation
Applied Research / Technology
Integrated Assessment
GeoForum Environmental-TechnologyEnvironmental Technologies
Waste Storage and Management
Recycling Techniques

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