Peter Ulmer

Prof. Peter Ulmer
Experimentelle Petrologie
Institut für Geochemie und Petrologie (IGP)
ETH Zürich
Clausiusstrasse 25, NW
CH-8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 (0) 44 632 39 55
Phone2: +41 (0) 44 632 37 79
Fax: +41 (0) 44 632 16 36
E-mail: peter.ulmer(at)
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Additional functions:
IUGG - Landeskommission - Representative of IAVCEI

Key Publications of Peter Ulmer (up to ten) :
Ulmer P. & Trommsdorff V. (1995) Serpentine stability to mantle depth and subduction related magmatism. Science, 268, 858 - 861.
Kessel R., Schmidt M.W., Ulmer P., & Pettke T. (2005) The trace element signature of subduction zone fluids, melts, and supercritical liquids at 120-180 km depth. Nature, 437, 724-727.
Ulmer P. (2001) Partial melting in the mantle wedge – The role of H2O on the genesis of mantle-derived ‘arc-related’ magmas. Phys. Earth Planet. Int., 127, 215-232.
Ulmer P. & Sweeney R.J. (2002) Generation and differentiation of Group II kimberlites. Constraints from a high pressure experimental study to 10 GPa. Geochim. Cosmochim Acta, 66, 2139-2153.
Rohrbach A., Ballhaus C., Golla-Schindler U., Ulmer P., Kamenetsky V.S. and Kuzmin, D.V. (2007) Metal saturation in the upper mantle. Nature, 449, 456-458.

Expertise of Peter Ulmer:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Topic LithosphereLithosphere
Geochemical Processes
Magmatic Rocks: Formation, Metamorphism
GeoForum General-TechnologyTechnologies, Engineering, Physics
GeoForum Geo-TechnologyRock and Soil Mechanics

Specialties of Peter Ulmer:
Experimental Petrology / Mineral Physics: Synthesis, stability and phase relations / thermodynamics of solids, liquids and fluids under extreme conditions (high P-T) applied to Earth and Material Sciences

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