Adrien Mestrot

Prof. Adrien Mestrot
Professeur Assistant
Soil Science Group
Geographisches Institut - Physische Geographie
Universität Bern
Hallerstrasse 12
CH-3012 Bern

Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 59 10
Phone2: +41 (0) 31 631 88 59
E-mail: adrien.mestrot(at)
URL Institution:
Personal URL: link

Key Publications of Adrien Mestrot (up to ten) :
Mestrot A., Ji Y., Tandy S. & Wilcke W. (2016) A novel method to determine trimethylantimony concentrations in plant tissue, Environmental Chemistry, 13(6), pp. 919-926.

Mestrot A., Planer-Friedrich B. & Feldmann J. (2013) Biovolatilisation: a poorly studied pathway of As biogeochemical cycle. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 15, pp. 1639-1651.

Mestrot A., Feldmann J., Krupp E.M., Hossain M., Roman-Ross G. & Meharg A.A. (2011) Field Fluxes and Speciation of Arsines Emanating from Soils. Environmental Science & Technology, 45(5), pp. 1798-1804.

Mestrot A., Plantevin T., Uroic M.K., Islam R., Krupp E.M., Feldmann J. & Meharg A.A. (2009) Quantitative and Qualitative Trapping of Arsines Deployed to Assess Loss of Volatile Arsenic from Paddy Soil. Environmental Science and Technology, 43(21) pp. 8270-8275.

Expertise of Adrien Mestrot:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Topic AtmosphereAir Pollution
Topic PedosphereSoil Pollution and Restauration
Topic BiospherePlants
Topic Integrated SystemsBiogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
Topic EcosystemsTerrestrial Ecosystems
Topic Economy/ResourceUseAgriculture, Forestry and Fishery
Food Security
Topic HealthPollution Effects / Water Quality
Time FrameRecent / Today
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Applied Research / Technology

Specialties of Adrien Mestrot:
  • Analytical environmental chemistry - Chimie analytique environnementale

  • Development of new methods to measure inorganic pollutants in the environment - Développement de nouvelles méthodes pour mesurer les polluants inorganiques dans l'environnement.

  • Biogeochemistry of inorganic pollutants (arsenic, mercury, antimony...) - Biogéochimie des polluants inorganiques (arsenic, mercure, antimoine...)

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