Carolina Adler

Dr. Carolina Adler
Executive Director MRI
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
University of Bern
Mittelstrasse 43
CH-3012 Bern

Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 51 41
E-mail: carolina.adler(at)
URL Institution:

Programs in which Carolina Adler holds an official function:
ICASObserver / Guest2017 -

Additional functions:
Earth System Governance Project - Research Fellow & Regional Coordinator (Europe), Future Earth.

Mountain Protection Commission - The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA)

Key Publications of Carolina Adler (up to ten) :
Adler, C., Hirsch Hadorn, G., Breu, T., Wiesmann, U., Pohl, C. (2018). Conceptualizing the transfer of knowledge across cases in transdisciplinary research. Sustainability Science, 13(1):179-190.

Borquez, R., Aldunce, P., Adler, C. (2017). Resilience to climate change: from theory to practice through co-production of knowledge in Chile. Sustainability Science, 12(1): 163-176.

Aldunce, P., Borquez, R., Adler, C., Blanco, G., Garreaud, R. (2016). Unpacking resilience for adaptation: incorporating practitioners’ experiences through a transdisciplinary approach, the case of drought in Chile. Sustainability. [open access];

Sword-Daniels, V., Eriksen, C., Hudson-Doyle, E., Alaniz, R., Adler, C., Schenk, T., & Vallance, S. (2016). Embodied uncertainty: living with complexity and natural hazards. Journal of Risk Research, [open access];

WSS Fellows* on RIA (2014). Reporting on the Seminar – Risk Interpretation and Action (RIA): Decision Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 18(1), pp. 27-37.

Adler, C.E., & Hirsch Hadorn, G. (2014). The IPCC and treatment of uncertainties: topics and sources of dissensus. WIREs Climate Change. (OPEN ACCESS).

Lynch, A.H., Adler, C.E. & Howard, N.C. (2014). Policy Diffusion in Arid Basin Water Management: A Q-method Approach. Regional Environmental Change.

Adler, C.E., McEvoy, D., Chhetri, P., & Kruk, E. (2013). The role of tourism in a changing climate for conservation and development. A problem-oriented study in the Kailash Sacred Landscape, Nepal. Policy Sciences, 46(2): 161-178.

Roman, C.E., Lynch, A.H., & Dominey-Howes, D. (2011). What is the goal? Framing the climate change adaptation question through a problem-oriented approach. Weather, Climate & Society, 3(1): 16-30. (OPEN ACCESS).

Expertise of Carolina Adler:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeApplied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Research Interface / Management
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Topic CryosphereGlaciers
Snow Cover
Topic Economy/ResourceUseFood Security
Land Cover / Land Use / Landscape
Topic Politics/LawMitigation / Prevention / Emission Reductions
Conventions / Protections
Regionalization / Globalization
Topic SocietyOrganisations / Institutions
Perception / Behaviour / Attitudes
Education / Communication / Participation
Topic Culture/HistoryEthics / Cultural Values
Topic SustainabilitySustainability
Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleSpatial Scale
Global / Hemispheric
National / Cultural
Local / Community
Time FrameRecent / Today
Time ScaleSeasonal / Annual
Decadal / Centennial
MethodsData Collection
Data Collection - Interviews, Questionnaires
Data Collection - Documents, Archives
Data Analysis
Literature Study
Policy Analysis and Formation
Applied Research / Technology
Integrated Assessment
Program Coordination / Management

Specialties of Carolina Adler:
Application of policy sciences in global (climate) change adaptation research, adaptive governance, science-policy interface.
  • Beurteilung der Unsicherheiten in den wissenschaftlichen Theorien und Fakten

  • Co-Produktion von Wissen

  • Einfluss von Werten und Rationalität auf Entscheidungsprozesse

  • Analyse der Wirksamkeit von Maßnahmen und Strategien zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel

  • Schnittstellen, Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit zwischen Wissenschaft und Politik

  • Analyse der gesellschaftlichen Meinungen und Wahrnehmungen

  • Governance

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