Susanne Burri

Dr. Susanne Burri
Institut für Agrarwissenschaften (IAS)
ETH Zürich
LFW C55.2
Universitätstrasse 2
CH-8092 Zürich

Phone2: +41 (0) 44 632 25 18
Fax: +41 (0) 44 632 13 09
E-mail: susanne.burri(at)
URL Institution:
Personal URL: link

Key Publications of Susanne Burri (up to ten) :
Burri S, Sturm P, Prechsl U, Knohl A, Buchmann N (2014): The impact of extreme summer drought on the short-term carbon coupling of photosynthesis to soil CO2 efflux in a temperate grassland. Biogeosciences, 11, 961-975
Burri S, Sturm P, Baur T, Barthel M, Knohl A, Buchmann N (2014): The effect of physical back-diffusion of 13CO2 tracer on the coupling between photosynthesis and soil CO2 efflux in grassland. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 50(4), 497-513

Expertise of Susanne Burri:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Research Interface / Management
Topic AtmosphereAtmosphere
Global Warming
Topic PedospherePedosphere
Topic BiosphereBiosphere
Topic Integrated SystemsIntegrated Systems and Ecology
Carbon Cycle
Biogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
Topic EcosystemsEcosystems
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Data Collection
Data Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Program Coordination / Management

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