Roland Psenner

portrait Prof. Roland Psenner
Head of Department

Institut für Ökologie
Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck
Technikerstr. 25
AT-6020 Innsbruck

Phone: +43 (0) 512 507 61 30 or -6181
Fax: +43 512 507-6190
E-mail: roland.psenner(at)
URL Institution:
Phone: +43 (0) 512 507 61 30 or -6181
Fax: +43 512 507-6190
E-mail: roland.psenner(at)
URL Institution:

Additional functions:
Leader of research platform Alpine Space
Dean of the Faculty of Biology

Key Publications of Roland Psenner (up to ten) :
Morris, C.E., D. C. Sands, M. Bardin, R. Jaenicke, B. Vogel, C. Leyronas, P. A. Ariya, and R. Psenner (2008). Microbiology and atmospheric processes: an upcoming era of research on bio-meteorology. Biogeosciences Discuss. 5: 191–212

Salcher, M.M., J. Pernthaler, M. Zeder, R. Psenner & T. Posch (2008). Spatio-temporal niche separation of planctonic Betaproteobacteria in an oligo-mesotrophic lake. Environmental Microbiology 10: 2074-2086

Psenner, R., A. Alfreider & A. Schwarz (2008). Aquatic Microbial Ecology: Water Desert, Microcosm, Ecosystem. What's Next? Int. Rev. Hydrobiol. 93: 606-623

Alfreider, A., C.Vogt, M. Geiger-Kaiser & R. Psenner. 2009. Distribution and diversity of autotrophic bacteria in groundwater systems based on the analysis of RubisCO genotypes. Syst. Appl. Microbiol. 32: 140-150 (2009),

Anesio, A.M. A.J. Hodson, A. Fritz, R. Psenner & B. Sattler. 2009. High microbial activity on glaciers: importance to the global carbon cacle. Global Change Biol. 15: 955-960

Pearce, D.A., P.D. Bridge, K. Hughes, B. Sattler, R. Psenner & N.J. Russell. 2009. Microorganisms in the atmosphere over Antarctica. FEMS Microbiology Reviews  

Camarero, L., I. Botev, G. Muri, R. Psenner, N. Rose & E. Stuchlik. 2009. Trace elements in alpine and arctic lake sediments as a record of diffuse atmospheric contamination across Europe. Freshwater Biology 54: 2518-2532

Expertise of Roland Psenner:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
ScopeProcess Studies
Causes of Change
Impact of Change
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Global Warming
Topic HydrosphereHydrosphere
Fresh Water Systems / Rivers / Lakes
Precipitation / Runoff
Topic CryosphereCryosphere
Snow Cover
Permafrost / Solifluction
Topic PedosphereGeology / Sediments
Topic LithosphereGeochemical Processes
Topic BiosphereBiosphere
Topic Integrated SystemsIntegrated Systems and Ecology
Carbon Cycle
Biogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
Nutrient Cycle / Food Chain
Topic EcosystemsEcosystems
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Topic Economy/ResourceUseWater
Topic SocietyEducation / Communication / Participation
Topic Culture/HistoryPhilosophy / Religion
Topic SustainabilityEcological Sustainability
Spatial ZonesSpatial Zones
Mountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleSpatial Scale
Global / Hemispheric
Time FramePast
Past: Historical / Archeological
Recent / Today
Statistical FocusExtreme Events
Mean Change / Trends
Time ScaleSeasonal / Annual
Decadal / Centennial
MethodsData Collection
Data Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Alpine ConventionAlpine Convention
AC Water
Mountain Research InitiativeLong-term monitoring and analysis of indicators of environmental change in mount
Process studies along altitudinal gradients and in associated headwater basins
Europe (including Eastern Europe)

Specialties of Roland Psenner:
Limnology and microbial ecology of alpine lakes and streams

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