Lüthi Rachel

Biodiversitätsabnahme im schulischen Kontext: Die Wahrnehmung von Mittelschüler*innen und der Geographie-Unterricht als Sensibilisierungsort

Project Number: CH-6668
Project Type: Master
Project Duration: 01/01/2019 - 10/31/2020 project completed
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: SNP
Project Leader: Frau Rachel Lüthi

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general biology

How secondary school students perceive biodiversity loss and how awareness can be raised in geography lessons As a result of human-caused processes such as habitat fragmentation or the anthropogenic climate change, global biodiversity has sharply declined in the past centuries with serious consequences for both the stability and productivity of ecosystems and ecosystem services - and thus for the well-being of humans too. However, even though the Convention on Biological Diversity and the "Aktionsplan" of the "Sät” education to be an important source of information, in a study conducted amongst grammar school students and published in 2008, 77% of them could n“b” . Thus, the main goal of this master thesis is t’sstudents by conducting a survey and 2) to develop, test and evaluate a lesson unit for geography lessons in secondary schools with a focus on ecological connectivity and a set of online games created in the AlpBionet2030 project. The education of people in general, but especially of children and young adults is important because biodiversity conservation can only be sustainable if the population recognizes the biodiversity loss as a problem and sees the need for action.

Epprecht, Stéphanie.2020.Das Potenzial des Geographieunter-richts zur Biodiversitätsförderung. Eine Fallstudie auf der Sekundarstufe II. Masterarbeit. Geographisches Institut. Universität Zürich. 30.06.2020.

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