von Fumetti Stefanie

Composition and Function of Alpine Spring Microbial Communities

Project Number: CH-6838
Project Type: Dissertation
Project Duration: 07/01/2021 - 03/31/2022 project completed
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: Departement Umweltwissenschaften, Geoökologie, Universität Basel
Project Leader: PD Dr. Stefanie von Fumetti
Geoeocology Research Group
Departement of Environmental Sciences
Universität Basel
Klingelbergstr. 27
4056 Basel
Phone: +41 (0) 61 207 08 17
e-Mail: stefanie.vonfumetti(at)unibas.ch

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Research Areas:

general biology

In springs, bacteria are mostly found in microbial communities that exhibit complex interactions and niche formations. Which taxonomic groups reside in freshwater springs and how their diversity and metabolic activity is coupled to varying environmental factors is still unknown. By gaining a better understanding of how microbial communities operate within springs, we can identify important features of how ecosystem processes are related to environmental factors and, by comparing multiple springs, how they might change in response to future environmental changes such as rising groundwater temperatures. Embedded in the spring long-term project we will sample 10-15 springs and collected microbial samples from different microhabitats. With the help of metagenomics and metaproteomic analyses we will identify the composition and function of microbial communities and relate them to other environmental and biotic data collected within the long-term project

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