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Longterm study of a colony of Formica exsecta (Hymenoptera Formicidae) at Il Fuorn, Swiss national park
Suivi d'une colonie de Formica exsecta (Hyménoptères Formicidés) à Il Fuorn (Parc national suisse)

Project Number: CH-1799
Project Type: Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Project Duration: 01/01/1954 - 12/31/2039
Funding Source: other ,
Project Leader: Madame Anne Freitag
Muséum cantonal des sciences naturelles
Place de la Riponne 6
1005 Lausanne
Phone: +41 (0) 21 316 34 68
e-Mail: anne.freitag(at)

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Research Areas:

general biology

Formica exsecta
long term survey
suivi à long terme

Formica exsecta is an endangered species of ants in Switzerland, but it seems to find very suitable conditions for its development in the Swiss National Park. A colony of about 100 anthills situated in a meadow at Il Fuorn (alt. 1770 m) has been studied by researchers since 1950. Each anthill is geolocated (with a GPS) and tagged, allowing its monitoring survey after survey.
15 inventories were conducted between 1950 and 2012. This long-term study provides invaluable data on the evolution of a colony of F. exsecta in natural conditions without human influence. A new inventory has been conducted since 2014 and surveys should go on every 1-2 years for the next 10 years at least.
Since 2016, photographs of the canopy above each nest have been taken with a fisheye lens to describe the effect of the canopy openness/closure on nest survival.

Leading questions:
  • How does an ant colony evolve during a long period of time (decades), under natural conditions (i.e. without any stress due to human activity)

  • How does the canopy openness affect the development (survival, abandon) of the nests

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