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Blockgletscher und Solifluktionsloben im SNP: Prozesse und Veränderungen unter Berücksichtigung des Klimawandels

Project Number: CH-6749
Project Type: Dissertation
Project Duration: 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2023
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: Université de Genève
Project Leader: Prof. Markus Stoffel
Full Professor
Climate Change Impacts and Risks in the Anthropocene (C-CIA)
Institut des Sciences de l`Environnement
Université de Genève
Boulevard Carl Vogt 66
1205 Genève
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Research Areas:

environmental sciences

The Swiss National Park hosts a substantial number of rock glaciers and solifluction lobes. Research on these phenomena extends back to 1917 when André Chaix was commissioned by the Research Commissionof the SNP to study the geomorphology within the park and to measure rock glacier movements in Val Sassa and Val da l'Acqua. Rock glacier movements at Val Sassa and Val da l'Acqua have therefore been measured for over a century, making them the oldest time series to study their activity and dynamics. In addition, the ridges of Munt Buffalora and the summit of Munt Chavagl (2542 m) are home to numerous and magnificently formed solifluction lobes. The measuring field at Munt Chavagl, designed by Martin Gamper in 1968, is the longest continuous series of measurements on solifluction in the Alps. The doctoral thesis of Alberto Muñoz will investigate the various data sources, gather them together, fill in possible gaps and give a holistic view on the development of the flow processes of the rock glaciers and solifluction lobes. The aim is to secure these unique time series, to make the data of different epochs and groups comparable and thus to recognize the influence of global warming on movements. Based on the knowledge gained and in consultation with the SNP, the overall objective also is to define a strategy for future measurements. Investigations will be carried out on all rock glaciers for which measurements have been taken and on the solifluction lobes in the Buffalora / Munt Chavagl area.

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