Anderwald Pia

Einfluss von anthropogenem Lärm auf Singvögel

Project Number: CH-6773
Project Type: Dissertation
Project Duration: 05/25/2020 - 12/31/2023
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: SNP
Project Leader: Dr. Pia Anderwald
Schweizerischer Nationalpark
Schloss Planta-Wildenberg
7530 Zernez
Phone: +41 (0) 81 851 41 26
e-Mail: pia.anderwald(at)

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The occurrence and vocal behaviour of songbirds is affected by anthropogenic noise. Since road traffic is the most important source of anthropogenic noise, vocal communication of songbirds is disturbed particularly near roads and in urban areas. These habitats are relatively well studied; however, investigations in near-natural areas are largely lacking so far. Previous studies showed that some songbirds can develop different strategies to avoid masking effects, while other species avoid noisy areas. The responses in occurrence and vocal behaviour of mountain woodland songbirds to different types of anthropogenic noise will be the focus of this dissertation. Species richness and composition of mountain woodland songbirds will be measured in a mountain woodland in the Swiss National Park. Furthermore, the influence of construction works on vocal behaviour will be examined. Thus, possible diurnal changes in singing activity will be analysed. Therefore, SM4 songmeters will record the soundscapes near three construction sites along the Ofenpass road during the breeding season. From these recordings, I will derive species richness and species composition of songbirds, as well as their singing activity. With the help of acoustic analytical software, I will be able to identify e.g. the number of species detected as well as temporal shifts in singing activity. These will be assessed in relation to different noise levels along spatial and temporal gradients. Generalised linear mixed effects models will be used to identify the influence of different environmental parameters. The focus of the analysis will be on identifying particular species and their behavioural changes caused by different anthropogenic and environmental variables.

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