Comiti Francesco

A comparative analysis of two alpine streams based on hydraulics and morphology

Project Number: CH-7221
Project Type:
Project Duration: 04/05/2022 - 09/20/2022 project completed
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Leading Institution: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Project Leader: Prof. Francesco Comiti
Associate Professor
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Bozen
piazza Università 5
IT-39100 Bozen

e-Mail: francesco.comiti(at)

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Research Areas:

For this master thesis, two mountain rivers were studied, namely Ova dal Fuorn, located in the Swiss National Park, Canton Grisons, Switzerland, and the Rio Carlino, a tributary of the Adige River situated in South Tyrol, Italy. The core part of the thesis consists of the field measurements of the flow depth and velocity on a reach scale for different geomorphic units. The measurements are taken at various points along cross-sections and georeferenced at the same time by GPS. There are also georeferenced points from the perimeter of the geomorphic units to facilitate their delineation. The second part of the field survey comprises taking aerial images using drones and, as the last step, sediment analysis applying the line count method and extracting bank material to further analyze in the laboratory.

Lico Florian. 2022. Hydraulic characterisics of geomorphic units in two Alpine streams. Masterthesis. Universität Innsbruck. pdf Masterarbeit

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