Soto Parra Tulio

Morphological Trajectory Analysis of the Spöl River

Project Number: CH-7391
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 01/06/2023 - 01/12/2023
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: University of Trento
Project Leader: Mr. Tulio Soto Parra
University of Trento

e-Mail: tulioraul.sotoparra(at)

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Research Areas:

hydrology, limnology, glaciology

This project will investigate the morphological trajectory of the Spöl river over the years and the potential impact of the lateral tributary, Ova da Cluozza, on the river's morphology. The analysis will be based on historical data and imagery, such as maps and aerial photographs. The images will be analyzed using modern computer vision algorithms and techniques to extract information and analyze the changes in the river's morphology and texture over time. The project's objectives are to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the changes in morphology and texture resulting from river regulation and the lateral tributary's effects. The results of this study will contribute to a better understanding of river dynamics and inform management strategies for sustainable river management. By using modern computer vision techniques, this study aims to provide a more accurate and detailed analysis of the changes in the river's morphology and texture, which can aid in the development of effective river management plans.

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