Rossi Christian

Assessing the Spectral Diversity of Managed Grassland in the Lower Engadin

Project Number: Parcs Data Center: 53767/4D:CH-53767
Project Type:
Project Duration: 01/01/2023 - 01/10/2024
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: SNP/Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich
Project Leader: Mr. Christian Rossi
Swiss National Park
Schloss Planta Wildenberg
7530 Zernez

e-Mail: christian.rossi(at)

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Biodiversity in grasslands is decreasing, worldwide as well as in the Swiss Alpine regions, which is why effective monitoring methods are needed. Remote sensing can provide broader spatial coverage, potentially addressing the limitations of conventional field surveys. This study investigated whether the spectral diversity of agriculturally managed plots in the Lower Engadin could serve as a proxy for biodiversity. Leveraging an object-based approach, it analysed the spectral diversity on plot level and related it to the management type. Remote sensing data (AVIRIS-NG, SwissImage RS and Sentinel-2) and agricultural plot data were processed, different data aggregation techniques and different quantification methods were tested. Most applications revealed significant differences between management types, but the results were not consistent across all datasets. However, consistent results could be achieved at different spatial and spectral resolutions. Important findings revealed that pastures exhibited higher spectral diversity than artificial meadows, most likely due to structural elements. Large differences were observed between mown and unmown plots, which suggests that a multitemporal analysis of the different conditions might be useful. Furthermore, the analysis highlighted the significance of dataset selection, aggregation, and applied spectral metrics. The study showed there is potential for spectral diversity to serve as a proxy for certain biodiversity parameters in alpine grasslands. While the object-based approach is feasible, careful interpretation and consideration of local conditions are essential. Overall, this research contributes to understanding spectral diversity's utility in assessing biodiversity and underscores the complexity of ecological relationships.

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