Projects (13 records)


Project Leader Project Title Type of Project
Buchwald Rainer Evaluation der Revitalisierungsmaßnahmen am Rom in Fuldera - ch-6760 Master
Cassitti Patrick Mortar Technology and Construction History at Müstair Monastery - ch-6017 Research_Project
Cejka Andrea Ortskerngestaltung Müstair - ch-6769 Bachelor
Coy Martin CReative Approaches For socio-ecological Transitions (CRAFT): A comparative study of rural-peripheral biosphere reserves as driver of social innovations - ch-6747 Research_Project
Jenny David Ausbreitungsökologie junger Steinadler - ch-6761 Dissertation
Risch Anita Christina NUTNET (Nutrient network): Impact on nutrient fluxes, productivity and diversity in grassland ecosystems by consumers and fertilizing - ch-3861 Research_Project
Rumpf Sabine Trajectories of elevational range dynamics of mountain plant species - ch-6755 Research_Project
Rupf Reto Ski- und Schneeschuhtouren-Monitoring Biosfera Val Müstair 2019/20 - ch-6652 Permanent/Monitoring_Project
Schaepman Michael A plant functional diversity approach in a regional ecosystem service assessment of different grasslands - ch-5991 Dissertation
Wanner Christoph Stability and As adsorption of nanocrystalline Al-hydroxysulfates forming during acid rock drainage - ch-6768 Master
Wipf Sonja Digitalisierung des Herbariums des Schweizerischen Nationalparks - ch-6738 Research_Project
Wipf Sonja Höhenverbreitung von Bergpflanzen im (Klima-)Wandel - ch-6752 Research_Project
Wipf Sonja Erfassung und Monitoring von Pflanzenarten nationaler Priorität und Glazialrelikten im Nationalpark - ch-6759 Permanent/Monitoring_Project

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