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Deformation und Metamorphose der mesozoischen Metasedimente am West- und Südrand des Aarmassivs (Leukerbad-Ausserberg)

Project Number: CH-4896
Project Type: Dissertation
Project Duration: 06/01/1981 - 01/31/1985 project completed
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Leading Institution: Universität Basel
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Structural geology, Switzerland, Aar massive, Helvetic Nappes, metasediments, low-grade metamorphism, pressure solution, structural transposition, metamorphic differentiation, foliation, lineation

The metasedimentary Mesozoic cover (together with the Eocene structurally associated section) has been divided into several tectonic units, tectonic wedges, attributed to the Helvetic Nappes. The metasediments which have already undergone a complicated paleotectonic evolution were affected by a multiphase Alpine deformation (D1-D4). D2, which was probably an Upper Miocene event, represents the main deformation. During this deformation stag the F2 folds, S2 foliation (overprinting relations with S0/S1) and the LS2 lineation were produced. The widespread parageneses (Mo-Chl-Qz-Carb-Graph, Mo-Chl-Ctd-Qz-Graph) in phyllites and (Cc-Dol Chl-Mo-Graph) in carbonates indicate that the sedimentary cover was transformed under low-grade metamorphism conditions (greenschist “facies”) but the compositional and textural equilibrium has been only partially developed. The calculated formation temperature of the D2 neoblasts reached 350°C ± 30°C (western areas and > 400°C (eastern area); the pressure during the same event was about 3.5 Kb. The main metamorphic event was synchronous and genetically related to the D2 upper Miocene deformation. This deformation may already have begun in Lower Miocene time.

Morariu Dan, 1985. Deformation und Metamorphose der mesozoischen Metasedimente am West- und Südrand des Aarmassivs (Leukerbad-Ausserberg). Dissertation Universität Basel.

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