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LACOPE: Landscape development, biodiversity and co-operative livestock systems in europe
LACOPE – Landschaftsentwicklung, Biodiversität und genossenschaftliche Viehhaltungssysteme in Europa

Project Number: BBW 01.0476-1
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 11/01/2002 - 10/31/2006 project completed
Funding Source: BBW ,
Project Leader: Prof. Christoph Scheidegger
Senior Scientist
Biodiversität und Naturschutzbiologie
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8903 Birmensdorf
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European biodiversity significantly depends on livestock systems. 15 to 28% of endangered species are living mainly in grazed steppe-, tundra-, heath, dry grassland and marsh habitats. In most countries grazing is/was organised impermanent or seasonal co-operations (land-owner/land-user agents). Marginal regions, remote from market places or disadvantaged according to productivity, are affected by a process of dissolving of co-operation forms. The commitment of biodiversity conservation of the EU-member states embraces to a large extent the care of landscape and regional development (e.g. AGENDA 2000, NATURA 2000). Effects of market policies, eastern enlargement of the EU, CAP-reform etc. are often mismatched with conservation goals. The main objective of the proposed research project is the improvement of the ecological and economic effectiveness of co-operative livestock systems, which contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Leading questions:
1: The identification of Co-operative Livestock Systems (CLS) that create important FFH habitats and areas, large enough to ensure survival of viable populations of endangered species.
2: The optimisation of CLS as ecologically and economic sustainable tools to maintain and create open/semi-open ecotones and landscape dynamics according biodiversity goals.
3: Goal oriented use of the potential of CLS to match strategies in nature conservation (NATURA 2000) and agri-environmental policies in extending EU.


Source of Information: BBW import 2004 (PI=Scheidegger Christoph)

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