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Wirkung eines angepassten Restwasserregimes (künstliche Hochwasser) auf die Gewässermorphologie und Habitatsstruktur in der Ausleitungsstrecke einer hochalpinen Stauhaltung (Oberer spöl, SNP, Engadin, CH)
Effects of a modified discharge regime on the reach of River Spöl charaterized by a reduced discharge between Punt dal Gall and Ova Spin (Swiss National Park, Engadin, CH)

Project Number: CH-1650
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 05/31/1999 - 10/31/1999
Funding Source: EAWAG , other ,
Project Leader: Prof. Manfred Meurer

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Research Areas:

environmental sciences
hydrology, limnology, glaciology


since 1970 when the impoundment of Lake Livigno was started-up the upper River Spöl is fed by a nearly constant discharge of 0,5-2,4 m3/s (yearly mean discharge: 1m3/s). By summer 1999 a modifacation of the regime of the Restwasser should lead to a more dynamic course of discharge. From June to the end of August two artificial flood-discharges of 10 m3/s and one of 30 m3/s shall be released from impoundment over a period of several hours.

Our project is aiming to document changes in river morphology, bottom structure and aquatic habitats created by the artificial flood events. Along with these objectives we want to investigate qualitative and quantitative effects of the floods on the benthic communities and fish populations.

The project consists of the following parts:
A) documentation of the pre-food conditions (definition of representatives sites, measurement of hydraulic issues, mapping of the river morphology and the structure of the river bottom)
B) examinations during the flood events (suspendend load, mobilisation of bedload, water level diagram)
C) documentation of the post-flood conditions (according to A)
D examination and mapping of structures significant to the fish population and of the benthic communities (same time and places like A and C)

MÜRLE, U, 2000: Morphologie und Habitatstruktur in der Ausleitungsstrecke einer alpinen Stauhaltung (Spöl, SNP). Diplomarbeit, Institut für Geographie und Geoökologie Universität Karlsruhe TH, 92 S. + Anhang.

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