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Ergänzende Untersuchungen am Steinadler: Populationsdynamik in den Alpen und vergleichende Biometrie/Oekologie

Project Number: 3100-032120
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 04/01/1992 - 09/30/1994 project completed
Funding Source: SNSF ,
Project Leader: Prof. em. Urs Glutz von Blotzheim
Herrengasse 56
6430 Schwyz
Phone: +41 (0) 41 811 20 65
e-Mail: ugvb(at)

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Research Areas:

general biology


Compared to other vertebrates, our understanding of raptors and birds, in general, is great. However, some fundamental areas which have been difficult to study have not been sufficiently addressed. Above all, these concern longterm systematic investigations of the population ecology including non-breeders, and comparisons of ecological studies in different parts of the range. Our previous studies of the Golden Eagle in the Alps have led to a detailed knowledge of the population regulation, for this the double tracking of both the breeding population and solitary Eagles was essential (Haller 1982, 1988; Jenny 1992). More in depth information about solitary Eagles will be available from the current research being supported by the Swiss National Foundation for Scientific Research (grant No. 31-9390.88). Further studies (outside the main subject of the grant) on the dynamics of the breeding population show a new tendency, which is contrary to current views about regulatory effects: Increase in the number of pairs, reduction of the mean size of home ranges, higher breeding success and perhaps a more active competition between solitary Eagles and an increase in the aggressivness exhibited between breeders and non-breeders. Now we are gaining greater insight into the complexity of the regulation effects.

Leading questions:
Long term population trend and natural mechanisms of population regulation (climatic factors such as duration of snow cover and amount of game killed by avalanches are of fundamental ecological importance)

Haller, H. (1982): Raumorganisation und Dynamik einer Population des Steinadlers in den Zentralalpen. Orn.Beob. 79: 163-211

Jenny,D. (1992): Bruterfolg und Nestandsregulation einer alpinen Population des Steinadlers. Orn.Beob. 89: 1-43

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