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SNP Analytics – Ein Werkzeug zur visuellen Analyse des Besucherverhaltens im Schweizerischen Nationalpark
SNP Analytics – a tool for visual analysis of visitor behaviour in the Swiss National Park

Project Number: CH-4439
Project Type: Master
Project Duration: 01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010 project completed
Funding Source: other ,
Project Leader: Prof. Monika Sester
Geschäftsführende Leitung
Institut für Kartographie und Geoinformatik
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Appelstrasse 9a
DE-30167 Hannover
Phone: 49 511.762-3588
e-Mail: monika.sester(at)

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The development of location-aware applications for mobile devices is rapidly gaining in importan- ce. Smartphones equipped with positioning technique and internet access are widely distributed and are replacing traditional mobile phones. The permanent knowledge of your own position and the request of information about the surroundings is getting more and more important. Such location-based services have a wide range of applications. The Swiss National Park also recognised the potential of this technology for their purposes. Since a few years, the WebPark digital hiking guide is succesfully being deployed. The visitors can rent a PDA which provides location-based information during their hike. Parts of the data have been recorded during the last years, in order to analyse the visitor behaviour. Each function call that is made by the hiker is being stored together with the current position. This leads to comprehensive data sets, whose analysis is particularly interesting in the context of the influence the hiking guide has on the spatio-temporal movement of the visitors. Recent work has already revealed some behaviour patterns. However, there still exists a lack of a consistent analysis strategy. This thesis introduces a new method for examining the visitor behaviour. It is based on the visually supported analysis of the 2007 and 2008 data with the interactive user interface SNP Analytics. The data has to pass through a preprocessing first, in which linear referencing techniques are used in order to relate each visitor log to one of the fixed hiking trails in the park. Thus, the uncertainty in the data can be reduced and a solid basis for the analysis is created. The graphical user interface SNP Analytics is developed subsequently. It allows to visually analyse the data of arbitrary years in a flexible way. It contains several statistics and is characterised by a high degree of interaction. With this software, some new insights regarding the visitor behaviour could be found. The con- cept of the Regions of Interest for example allowed to find (a-)typical spatial behaviour on certain points of the park. The extraction of di?erent visitor types is another example. Future work includes improving the complex preprocessing methodology, in order to make the processing of new datasets easier. At some points, working with SNP Analytics is still inconve- nient. Also, there exist several ideas for possible extensions. The software cannot be applied to the data of other national parks with similar systems yet, but it is generally conceivable. SNP Analytics has the potential to become an integral part of the analysis of the WebPark data in the Swiss National Park.

Uden M 2010: SNP Analytics – Ein Werkzeug zur visuellen Analyse des Besucherverhaltens im Schweizerischen Nationalpark. Master thesis, Leibnitz Universität Hannover.
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