Rehsteiner Ueli

Die Bartflechten im Nationalpark und Umgebung (Usnea)

Project Number: CH-4741
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 01/01/2012 - 12/31/2012
Funding Source: other ,
Leading Institution: Natmus GE
Project Leader: Dr. Ueli Rehsteiner
B√ľndner Naturmuseum
Masanserstr. 31
7000 Chur
Phone: +41 (0) 81 257 28 41
FAX: +41 (0) 81 257 28 50
e-Mail: ueli.rehsteiner(at)

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The Natural History Museum of the Grisons harbors several collections of lichens. One of the most important collectors was Eduard Frey who sampled more than 800 specimens in the region of the Swiss National Park (Engadin valley, Grisons). We revised his collection, i.e. reviewed the taxonomy of all the specimens, photographed them and prepared the data for the national online database for lichen. During this project, a considerable amount of specimens collected by other samplers has been detected. They will be analysed in a next step of our investigation.

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