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Netzwerk Bündner Pärke? 

Project Number: CH-4906
Project Type: Master
Project Duration: 10/01/2012 - 10/31/2012 project completed
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Project Leader: Herr Remo Kellenberger

Phone: +41 (0)78 754 72 82
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Research Areas:

Science of management

Netzwerk, Pärke von nationaler Bedeutung, Parkmanagement

In Switzerland the Canton of Graubünden has the greatest number and diversity of national parks of all. They are defined by law and their main aim is the protection of the landscape and cultural heritage. Furthermore they contribute to a sustainable, regional development. Since the parks have a common goal the potential to cooperate and hence finding synergies is quite high. However the different legal requirements along with the different states the parks are in are complicating an efficient cooperation. This work shall investigate whether or not it makes sense to establish a network on the cantonal level and which contents, shape and features the network should have to accomplish these goals. Through standardized expert interviews with the managers of the parks Adula, Beverin, Ela, Val Müstair and the tectonic arena Sardona these aspects were discovered. It was shown that there is a need for unified public presentation to strengthen the idea of the parks in the public as well as in the politics. There also is a demand of a facilitator for questions concerning high quality park management, label construction, spatial security and exchange of knowledge and experience. The contact point could be a newly established organisation or the public administration of the Canton Graubünden. The build-up of a network demands a strong support of the canton. It is to its own advantage to have healthy, integrated parks. Through the elaboration of a common strategy different regions can be supported, actions can be made compatible with other policy areas and the touristic potential could be evolved. The exact delineation of network contents, network form and responsibilities should be elaborated and put down by all the parties involved.

Leading questions:
Would a network of parcs in the Kanton Graubünden lead to a more efficient and promising establishment in politics as well as in the public?
In which areas would a collaboration make sence?
What does the cooperation has to look like in order for all institutions to profit?

Ulrich, Tabea. 2012. Netzwerk Bündner Pärke? Unveröffentlichte Bachelorarbeit, ZHAW, Institut für Umwelt und natürliche Ressourcen: Wädenswil.
pdf Bachelorarbeit

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