Güsewell Sabine

Abbaurate im Boden des SNP: räumliche Variation, Beziehung zu Bodeneigenschaften und Methodentest für ein Monitoring
Litter decomposition in soils of the SNP: spatial variation, relation to soil properties and methodical test in view of a monitoring programme

Project Number: CH-5068
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 05/01/2013 - 04/30/2015
Funding Source: other ,
Project Leader: PD Dr. Sabine Güsewell
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Research Areas:

environmental sciences

This pilot project aims at evaluating whether decomposition assays using standardized material can be used to assess the limitation of litter decomposition in the SNP by temperature, drought and nutrients. If so, the method could be used in a subsequent longer-term project to monitor effects of climate change and nutrient inputs on litter decomposition. At 150-200 points along hiking routes through the SNP, the following material will be buried in June at 5-10 cm soil depth. - Tea bags and cellulose filter bags as standardized substrates for litter decomposition - Ion exchange membranes to compare nutrient availability Samples will be retrieved after 12 weeks (September) and analysed for litter mass loss and nutrient availability. Soil temperature and soil moisture content will be measured when burying and retrieving the material, respectively. In addition, fresh plant litter will be collected in September to compare their quality to the standard material through laboratory assays and possible as local substrate for field decomposition assays in the following year.

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