Bachmann Peter

Untersuchungen über die Struktur einer Bergföhrenbestockung und deren Veränderung, dargestellt an einem Beispiel im Schweizerischen Nationalpark

Project Number: CH-794
Project Type: Dissertation
Project Duration: 01/01/1993 - 01/31/1999 project completed
Funding Source: ETH ,
Project Leader: Prof. Peter Bachmann
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Research Areas:

engineering sciences

spatial structure
mountain pine forests

An Exploratory Study of the Structure of an Mountain Pine (Pinus montana) Stand in the Swiss National Park:

A case-study researched the spatial structure and development of a forest which has been left undisturbed from human intervention, deplying comprehensible quantitative methods. The choice and development of the methods were the focus of this study. Based on a hierarchically structured taxomonomy with various structural levels, the structural analysis started from the indivudual tree.

The structural analysis deployed the follwing methods:
-Numerical evaluation without (number of trees, growth increment etc. ) and with consideration of spatial constellations (crown cover, overlapping of crowns, aggregation index according to CLARK & EVANS, the distance of neighboring trees).
-Pictorial representations (profiles, ground plans and chart diagrams).
-Ordinary Dirichlet tessellation (area potentially available by a tree, identification of neighboring trees).
-Cluster analysis (single linkage) considering various functions in relation to distance and subsequent generalization in terms of geometrical primitives (lines).
-Bivariate kernel smoothing (fixed normal density kernel) with various kernel widths and attributes.

Hauenstein P 1998: Untersuchungen über die Struktur einer Bergföhrenbestockung im Schweizerischen Nationalpark. Diss Nr. 12971 ETH Zürich, Professur für Forsteinrichtung und Waldwachstum ETH Zürichh, 177 S. + CD-ROM

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