Christophe Dupraz

Dr. Christophe Dupraz
Department of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut
1080 Shennecossett Road Groton
Groton, CT 06340
United States of America

Phone: +1 (860) 405-9281

Key Publications of Christophe Dupraz (up to ten) :
Dupraz, C., Patissina, R., and Verrecchia, E.P. (2006): Simulation of stromatolite morphospace using ‘DLA-CA’ growth model’: translation of energy in morphology. Sedimentary Geology, vol. 185, 185-203.

Dupraz, C. and Visscher, P.T. (2005): Microbial lithification in marine stromatolites and hypersaline mats. Trends in Microbiology, Vol.13, Issue 9, 429-438.

Dupraz, C., Visscher, P.T., Baumgartner, L.K, and Reid, R.P.: (2004) Microbe-mineral interactions: early CaCO3 precipitation in a Recent hypersaline lake (Eleuthera Islands, Bahamas). Sedimentology, 51, 745-765.

Dupraz and Strasser: (2002) Nutritional modes in coral-microbialite reefs (Jurassic, Oxfordian, Switzerland): Evolution of trophic structure as a response to environmental change. Palaios, 17, 449-471.

Reid, R. P., Visscher, P. T., Decho, A. W., Stolz, J., Bebout, B. M., Dupraz, C., et al. (2000): The role of microbes in accretion, lamination and lithification in modern marine stromatolites. Nature, 406, 989-992

Expertise of Christophe Dupraz:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Topic HydrosphereHydrogeology (Hypersaline Lakes)
Topic PedosphereGeology / Sediments
Topic Integrated SystemsCarbon Cycle
Biogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
Nutrient Cycle / Food Chain
Life Cycle
Topic EcosystemsMarine Ecosystems
Spatial ZonesCoastal Zone
Time FrameRecent / Today
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis

Specialties of Christophe Dupraz:
Geomicrobiogy, Biogeosciences, Paleoecology

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