Günter Hoch

PD Dr. Günter Hoch
Plant Ecology
Departement Umweltwissenschaften, Botanik
Universität Basel
Schönbeinstrasse 6
CH-4056 Basel

Phone: +41 (0) 61 267 35 16
Phone2: +41 (0) 61 267 35 10
Fax: +41 (0) 61 267 35 04
E-mail: guenter.hoch(at)unibas.ch
URL Institution: www.unibas.ch/botschoen/

Key Publications of Günter Hoch (up to ten) :
Hoch G, Körner C (2012) Global patterns of mobile carbon reserves in trees at the high elevation treeline. Global Ecology and Biogeography. DOI: 10.1111/j.1466-8238.2011.00731.x

Sala A, Hoch G (2009) Height-related growth declines in ponderosa pine are not due to carbon limitation. Plant, Cell and Environment 32: 22-30

Hoch G (2007) Cell wall hemicelluloses as mobile carbon stores in non-reproductive plant tissues. Functional Ecology 21: 823-834

Hoch G (2005) Fruit bearing branchlets are carbon autonomous in mature broad-leafed temperate forest trees. Plant, Cell and Environment 28: 651-659

Hoch G, Richter A, Körner C (2003) Non-structural carbon compounds in temperate forest trees. Plant, Cell and Environment 26:1067-1081

Expertise of Günter Hoch:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Process Studies
Impact of Change
Topic BiosphereBiosphere
Topic Integrated SystemsIntegrated Systems and Ecology
Carbon Cycle
Topic EcosystemsEcosystems
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Spatial ZonesSpatial Zones
Mountain / Highland
Statistical FocusExtreme Events
Mean Change / Trends
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis

Specialties of Günter Hoch:
Carbon realtions of trees, analyses of non-structural carbon reserves and hemicelluloses

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