Alfons Berger

PD Dr. Alfons Berger
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Institut für Geologie
Universität Bern
Baltzerstrasse 1+3
CH-3012 Bern

Phone: +41 (0) 31 631 49 90
Phone2: +41 (0) 31 631 87 61
E-mail: alfons.berger(at)
URL Institution:

Key Publications of Alfons Berger (up to ten) :
Berger, A., Schmid, S.M., Engi, M., Bousquet, R., Wiederkehr, M. (2011). Mechanisms of mass and heat transport during Barrovian metamorphism: A discussion based on field evidence from the Central Alps (Switzerland/N-Italy). Tectonics 30, TC1007.

Berger, A., Gnos, E., Janots, E., Fernandez, A. and Giese, J. (2008) Formation and phase chemistry of rhabdophane, bastnäsite and thorogummite during alteration: Implications for geochronology and low temperature process. Chemical Geology 254, 238-248.

Expertise of Alfons Berger:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Topic LithosphereLithosphere

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