Katrin Rudmann-Maurer

Dr. Katrin Rudmann-Maurer

E-mail: katrin.rudmann(at)bluewin.ch

Key Publications of Katrin Rudmann-Maurer (up to ten) :
Fischer, M; Weyand, A; Rudmann-Maurer, Katrin; Stöcklin, Jürg: Omnipresence of leaf herbivory by invertebrates and leaf infections by fungal pathogens in agriculturally used grassland of the Swiss Alps, but low plant damage, in: Alpine Botany 122, 2012, S. 95-107.

Fischer, Markus; Weyand, Anne; Rudmann-Maurer, Katrin; Stöcklin, Jürg: Adaptation of Poa alpina to altitude and land use in the Swiss Alps, in: Alpine Botany 121, 2011, S. 91-105.

Rudmann-Maurer, K., Weyand, A., Fischer, M., Stöcklin, J. 2008: The role of landuse and natural determinants for grassland vegetation composition in the Swiss Alps. Basic and Applied Ecology 9:494-503

Rudmann-Maurer, K., Weyand, A., Fischer, M., Stöcklin, J. 2007: Microsatellite diversity of the agriculturally important alpine grass Poa alpina in relation to land use and natural environment. Annals of Botany 100:1249-1258

Maurer, K., Weyand, A., Fischer, M., Stöcklin, J. 2006: Old cultural traditions, in addition to land use and topography, are shaping plant diversity of grasslands in the Alps. Biological Conservation 130(3):438-446

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