Hans-Arno Synal

Prof. Hans-Arno Synal
Head of Laboratory
Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics
ETH Z├╝rich
Otto-Stern-Weg 5
CH-8093 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 633 2027
Fax: +41 44 633 1067
E-mail: synal(at)phys.ethz.ch
URL Institution: www.ams.ethz.ch/

Expertise of Hans-Arno Synal:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Applied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Topic HydrosphereHydrosphere
Topic CryosphereCryosphere
Polar Ice Sheets/ Sea Ice
Topic PedospherePedosphere
Soil Degradation / Erosion / Desertification
Geology / Sediments
Topic Integrated SystemsIntegrated Systems and Ecology
Carbon Cycle
Time FrameTime Frame
Recent / Today
Data Collection - Measurement
Data Collection - Documents, Archives
Applied Research / Technology

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