Ulrich Schotterer

Mr. Ulrich Schotterer

Key Publications of Ulrich Schotterer (up to ten) :
Schotterer, U., Grosjean, M., Stichler W., Ginot, P., Kull, C., Bonnaveira, H., Francou, B., Gäggeler, H. W., Gallaire, R., Hoffmann, G., Pouyaud, B., Ramirez, E., Schwikowski, M., Taupin, J. D.: )Glaciers and climate in the Andes between the Equator and 30°S: What is recorded under extreme environmental conditions?, Climatic Change 59, 157-175, 2003.

Schotterer, U., Stichler, W., Ginot P.: The influence of post-depositional effects on ice core studies: examples from the Alps, Andes, and Altai, in:Earth Paleoenvironments: Records Preserved in Mid- and Low Latitude Glaciers Vol 9, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 39-59, 2004.

Specialties of Ulrich Schotterer:
Stable isotopes in the hydrological cycle, tritium dating

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