Reinhard Bachofen

Dr. Reinhard Bachofen
Dept. of Plant and Microbial Biology
Universität Zürich
Zollikerstr. 107
CH-8008 Zürich

Phone: +41 (0) 44 634 82 80
Phone2: +41 (0) 44 634 82 11
Fax: +41 (0) 44 634 82 04
E-mail: reinhard.bachofen(at)
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Additional functions:
  • Stiftungsrat Limnologiestiftung Uni ZH

    Key Publications of Reinhard Bachofen (up to ten) :
    Martinelli, D., G. Grossmann, U. Sequin, H. Brandl and R. Bachofen: Effects of natural and chemically synthesized furanones on quorum sensing in Chromobacterium violaceum. BMC Microbiology 2004, 4:25.

    Egli, K., M. Wiggli, M. Fritz, J. Klug, J. Gerss and R. Bachofen: Spatial and temporal dynamics of a plume of phototrophic microorganisms in a meromictic alpine lake using turbidity as a measure of cell density. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 35, 105-113, 2004.

    Cullaj, A., A. Hasko, A. Miho, F. Schanz, H. Brandl and R. Bachofen: The quality of Albanian natural waters and the human impact. Environmental International 31, 133-146, 2005

    Horath, T., T. R. Neu, and R. Bachofen: An endolithic microbial community in dolomite rock in central Switzerland: Characterization by reflection spectroscopy, pigment analyses, scanning electron microscopy and laser scanning microscopy. Microbial Ecology 51, 353-364, 2006.

    Bachofen, R., H. Brandl, F. Schanz: Mikroskopisch klein aber doch sichtbar! ein Feldführer für Mikroorganismen. Neujahrsblatt Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Zürich 2006

    Horath, T., R. Bachofen: Molecular characterization of an endolithic microbial community in dolomite rock in central alps (Switzerland). Microbial Ecology 58, 290-306, 2009.

    Çullaj, A., · Duka, S., · Emiri, A., · Koni, E., · Miho, A., ·Murtaj, A., ·
    Shumka, S., · Bachofen, R., ·Schanz, F., · Brandl, H.
    Limnological study on a newly built drinking water reservoir near Tirana, Albania. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 182, 215-232, 2011.

    Expertise of Reinhard Bachofen:
    Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
    Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
    Scientific / Fundamental Research
    Topic HydrosphereFresh Water Systems / Rivers / Lakes
    Fresh Water Systems / Rivers / Lakes
    Topic PedosphereSoil Degradation / Erosion / Desertification
    Soil Degradation / Erosion / Desertification
    Soil Pollution and Restauration
    Soil Pollution and Restauration
    Topic LithosphereGeochemical Processes
    Geochemical Processes
    Topic BiosphereBiodiversity
    Topic Integrated SystemsCarbon Cycle
    Carbon Cycle
    Biogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
    Biogeochemical Cycles except Carbon
    Hydrogeochemical Cycle
    Hydrogeochemical Cycle
    Nutrient Cycle / Food Chain
    Nutrient Cycle / Food Chain
    Topic EcosystemsTerrestrial Ecosystems
    Terrestrial Ecosystems
    Topic SustainabilityEcological Sustainability
    Ecological Sustainability
    Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
    Mountain / Highland
    Spatial ScaleLocal / Community
    Local / Community
    Time FrameRecent / Today
    Recent / Today
    Statistical FocusMean Change / Trends
    Mean Change / Trends
    MethodsData Analysis
    Data Analysis

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