Peter Molnar

Prof. em. Peter Molnar
Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft
Institut für Umweltingenieurwissenschaften (IfU)
ETH Zürich
HIL D 23.1
Wolfgang-Pauli-Str 15
CH-8093 Zürich

Phone: +41 (0) 44 633 29 58
Phone2: +41 (0) 44 633 30 75
Fax: +41 (0) 44 633 10 61
E-mail: molnar(at)
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Key Publications of Peter Molnar (up to ten) :
Paschalis, A., Molnar, P., and Burlando, P., 2012. Temporal dependence structure in weights in a multiplicative cascade model for precipitation, Water Resour. Res., 48, W01501, doi:10.1029/2011WR010679.
Savina, M., Molnar, P., and Burlando, 2011. P. Seasonal long-term persistence in radar precipitation in complex terrain, Water Resour. Res., 47, W10506, doi:10.1029/2010WR010170.
Molnar, P., Densmore, A.L., McArdell, B.W., Turowski, J.M., and Burlando, P., 2010. Analysis of changes in the step-pool morphology and channel profile of a steep mountain stream following a large flood, Geomorphology, 124, 85-94, doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2010.08.014.
Perona, P., Molnar, P., Savina, M., and Burlando, P., 2009. An observation-based stochastic model for sediment and vegetation dynamics in the floodplain of an Alpine braided river, Water Resour. Res., 45, W09418, doi:10.1029/2008WR007550.
Birsan, M., Molnar, P., Burlando, P., Pfaundler, M., 2005. Streamflow trends in Switzerland, Journal of Hydrology, 314, 312-329.
Molnar, P., and Ramirez, J.A., 1998. Energy dissipation theories and optimal channel characteristics of river networks, Water Resources Research, 34(7), 1809-1818.

Expertise of Peter Molnar:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Research Interface / Management
Topic HydrosphereHydrosphere
Fresh Water Systems / Rivers / Lakes
Precipitation / Runoff
Topic PedospherePedosphere
Soil Degradation / Erosion / Desertification
Statistical FocusExtreme Events
Mean Change / Trends
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Literature Study
Integrated Assessment

Specialties of Peter Molnar:
Hydrologist specialised on the analysis of fluvial system dynamics (precipitation, runoff generation, hillslope processes, river networks, channel morphology, erosion, sediment transport)

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