Michael W. I. Schmidt

Prof. Michael W. I. Schmidt
Geographisches Institut - Physical Geography
Universität Zürich
Winterthurerstr. 190
CH-8057 Zürich

Phone: +41 (0) 44 635 51 40
Phone2: +41 (0) 44 635 51 41
Fax: +41 (0) 44 635 68 48
E-mail: michael.schmidt(at)geo.uzh.ch
URL Institution: www.geo.uzh.ch/en/units/physische-geographie-boden-biogeographie
Personal URL: link

Additional functions:
Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation 2011-2014

Key Publications of Michael W. I. Schmidt (up to ten) :
SCHMIDT, M.W.I., TORN, M.S., ABIVEN, S., DITTMAR, T., GUGGENBERGER, G., JANSSENS, I.A., KLEBER, M., KÖGEL-KNABNER, I., LEHMANN, J., MANNING, D.A.C., NANNIPIERI, P., RASSE, D.P., WEINER, S., TRUMBORE, S.E. (2011) Persistence of soil organic matter as an ecosystem property. Nature 427, 49-56.

SINGH, N., ABIVEN, S., TORN, M.S., SCHMIDT, M.W.I. (2012) Fire-derived organic carbon in soil turns over on a centennial scale. Biogeosciences 9, 2847-2857.

PRESTON C. M., SCHMIDT M. W. I. 2006. Black (pyrogenic) carbon in boreal regions: a synthesis of current knowledge and uncertainties with special consideration of boreal. Biogeoscience 3, 397-420.

Expertise of Michael W. I. Schmidt:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
Topic PedospherePedosphere
Topic Integrated SystemsIntegrated Systems and Ecology
Carbon Cycle
Topic EcosystemsEcosystems
Terrestrial Ecosystems
Time FramePast
Recent / Today
MethodsData Collection - Measurement

Specialties of Michael W. I. Schmidt:
Soil Biogeochemistry, Soil Organic Matter Turnover
  • Soil organic matter stabilization
  • Soil Biogeochemistry: experimental and analytical research and field work
  • Biogeochemical processes on a molecular level 13C isotope labeling experiments
  • Sources, alteration and fate of organic substances in nat

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