Artem Oganov

Prof. Artem Oganov
Dept. of Geosciences
New York Center for Computational Science
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, ZH NY 11794-2100
United States of America

E-mail: artem.oganov(at)
Personal URL: link

Additional functions:
Adjunct Professor, Geology Department, Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia
1. Representative of Switzerland, Mineral Physics Commission of the International Mineralogical Association.
2. ETH Zurich representative, COMPRES (Consortium for Materials Properties Research in Earth Sciences).
3.Founding member, Mineralogical Crystallography Group of the European Crystallographic Association.

Key Publications of Artem Oganov (up to ten) :
1. Oganov A.R., Ono S. (2004). Theoretical and experimental evidence for a post-perovskite phase of MgSiO3 in Earth's D" layer. Nature 430, 445-448.

2. Oganov A.R. & Dorogokupets P.I. (2004). Intrinsic anharmonicity in thermodynamics and equations of state of solids. J. Phys.: Cond. Matter. 16, 1351-1360.

3. Oganov A.R., Gillan M.J., Price G.D. (2003). Ab initio lattice dynamics and structural stability of MgO. J. Chem. Phys. 118, 10174-10182.

4. Oganov A.R., Brodholt J.P., Price G.D. (2002). Ab initio theory of thermoelasticity and phase transitions in minerals. EMU Notes in Mineralogy v.4 ('Energy Modelling in Minerals', edited by C.M. Gramaccioli), pp.83-170.

5. Oganov A.R., Brodholt J.P., Price G.D. (2001). The elastic constants of MgSiO3 perovskite at pressures and temperatures of the Earth's mantle. Nature 411, 934-937.

Expertise of Artem Oganov:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
Spatial ScaleGlobal / Hemispheric

Specialties of Artem Oganov:
Mineral physics, theory and quantum-mechanical modelling of planet-forming minerals.

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