Kerstin Treydte

Dr. Kerstin Treydte
Scientific researcher
Dendroclimatology Group
Zürcherstrasse 111
CH-8903 Birmensdorf

Phone: +41 (0) 44 739 26 62
Phone2: +41 (0) 44 739 21 11
Fax: +41 (0) 44 739 22 15
E-mail: kerstin.treydte(at)
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Key Publications of Kerstin Treydte (up to ten) :
Frank DC, Poulter B, Saurer M, Esper J, Helle G, Treydte K, Zimmermann NE, Schleser GH, Ahlström A, Cias P, Friedlingstein P, Levis S, Lomas M, Sitch S, Viovy N, Andreu-Hayles L, Bednarz Z, Berninger F, Boettger T, D'Alessandro CM, Daux V, Filot M, Grabner M, Gutierrez E, Haupt M, Hilasvuori E, Jungner H, Kalela-Brunin M, Krapiec M, Leuenberger M, Loader NJ, Marah H, Masson-Delmotte V, Pazdur A, Pawelczyk S, Pierre M, Planells O, Pukiene R, Reynolds-Henne CE, Rinne KT, Saracino A, Sonninen E, Stievenard M, Switsur VR, Szczepanek M, Szychowska-Krapiec E, Todaro L, Waterhouse JS, Weigl M (2015) Water use efficiency and transpiration across European forests during the Anthropocene. Nature Climate Change DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE2614.

Seim A, Treydte K, Trouet V, Frank D, Fonti P, Tegel W, Panayotov M, Fernandez Donado L, Büntgen U (2015) Climate sensitivity of Mediterranean pine growth reveals distinct east-west dipole. International Journal of Climatology 35: 2503-2513.

Hartl-Meier C, Zang C, Büntgen U, Esper J, Rothe A, Göttlein A, Dirnböck T, Treydte K (2015) Uniform climate sensitivity in tree-ring stable isotopes across species and sites in a mid-latitude temperate forest. Tree Physiology 35, 4-15.

Gessler A, Ferrio JP, Hommel R, Treydte K, Werner, R, Monson RK (2014) Stable isotopes in tree rings - Toward a mechanistic understanding of isotope fractionation and mixing processes from the leaves to the wood. Tree Physiology doi:10.1093/treephys/tpu040.

Treydte K, Boda S, Graf-Pannatier E, Fonti P, Frank DC, Ullrich B, Saurer, M, Siegwolf R, Battipaglia G, Werner W, Gessler A (2014) Seasonal transfer of oxygen isotopes from precipitation and soil to the tree ring: Source water versus leaf water enrichment. New Phytologist 202, 772-783.

Saurer M, Kress A, Leuenberger M, Rinne K, Treydte K, Siegwolf R (2012) The influence of atmospheric circulation patterns on the oxygen isotope ratio of tree-rings in the Alpine region. Journal of Geophysical Research 117, doi:10.1029/2011JD016861.

Seim A, Buentgen U, Fonti P, Haska H, Herzig F, Tegel W, Trouet V, Treydte K (2012) Climate sensitivity of a millennium-long pine chronology from Albania. Climate Research 51, 217-228.

Treydte K, Frank DC, Saurer M, Helle G, Schleser G, Esper J (2009) Impact of climate and CO2 on a millennium-long tree-ring carbon isotope record. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73, 4635-4647.

Treydte K, Frank D, Andreu L, Bednarz Z, Berninger F, Boettger T, D’Allessandro CD, Esper J, Etien N, Filot M, Grabner M, Guillemin MT, Gutierrez E, Haupt M, Helle G, Hilasvuori E, Jungner H, Kalela-Brundin M, Krapiec M, Leuenberger M, Loader NJ, Masson-Delmotte V, Pazdur A, Pawelczyk S, Pierre M, Planells O, Pukiene R, Reynolds C, Rinne K, Saracino A, Saurer M, Sonninen E, Stievenard M, Switsur VR, Szczepanek M, Szychowska-Krapiec E, Todaro L, Waterhouse JS, Weigl M, Schleser GH (2007) Signal strength and climate calibration in a European tree-ring isotope network. Geophysical Research Letters 34: L24302, doi:10.1029/2007GL031106.

Treydte K, Schleser GH, Helle G, Winiger M, Frank DC, Haug GH, Esper J (2006) The twentieth century was the wettest period in northern Pakistan over the past millennium. Nature 440: 1179-1182.

Expertise of Kerstin Treydte:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeExpert Type
Scientific / Fundamental Research
ScopeProcess Studies
Impact of Change
Vulnerability to Change
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Global Warming
Topic HydrospherePrecipitation / Runoff
Topic BiospherePlants
Topic Integrated SystemsCarbon Cycle
Hydrogeochemical Cycle
Topic EcosystemsTerrestrial Ecosystems
Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleContinental
Local / Community
Time FramePast
Recent / Today
Statistical FocusExtreme Events
Mean Change / Trends
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Literature Study

Specialties of Kerstin Treydte:
Impact of climate change on eco-physiological processes; short and long-term reconstruction of past environmental conditions using various tree-ring parameters (stable isotopes, ring width, wood density, cell size)

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