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Phone2: +41 (0) 27 607 11 80
Fax: +41 (0) 27 607 11 94
E-mail: eric.bardou(at)
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Key Publications of Eric Bardou (up to ten) :
Bardou, E., Favre-Bulle, G., Faucheux, C., Jeannée, N. and Ornstein Process oriented use of geostatistics to analyse creeping geomorphic entity. Example of the “Glacier” Bonnard, Southwestern Switzerland. Submitted to Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Ancey, C., Bohorquez, P., Bardou, E. Sediments Transport in Mountain Rivers. Ercoftac Bulletin. 09/2014; 100:37-52.

Bardou, E., Favre-Bulle, G., Bornaz, L., Jeannée N. 2014.3D Data fusion for assessing volume of glacial edifice 18th Alpine Glaciological Meeting, Innsbruck.

Travaglini, E., Bardou, E., Ancey, C., Bohorquez, P., 2014. Analysis of Sediment Transport from Recorded Signals of Sediments in a Gravel-Bed River: Role of Sediment Availability. IAEG XII Congress Engineering Geology for Society and Territory. Torino.

Jeannée, N., Bardou, E., Faucheux, C. and Ornstein, P., 2013. Geostatistical Assessment of Ice Content Distribution Within the Glacier Bonnard, Mathematical Geosciences, pp. 1-9

Bardou E.,Favre-Bulle G., Ornstein P., Rouiller J.-D. (2011). Influence of the connectivity with permafrost on the debris-flow triggering in high-alpine environment. In: 5th International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction and Assessment. Padua

Bardou, E., Jaboyedoff, M. 2008. Debris flows as a factor of hillslope evolution controlled by a continuous or a pulse process ? in Landscape Evolution, The Geological Society, London

Bardou, E., Boivin, P. and Pfeifer, H.R. (2007). Properties of debris flow deposits and source materials compared: implications for debris flow characterization. Sedimentology, 54(2): 469-480.

Bardou, E., Bowen, P., Boivin, P. and Banfill, P.F.G. (2007). Impact of small amounts of swelling clays on the physical properties of debris-flow-like granular materials. Implications for the study of alpine debris flow. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 32(5): 698-710.

Bardou, E. and Delaloye, R. (2004). Possible effects of previous ground freezing and snow avalanche deposits in debris flow activity related to a rainfall event in an alpine environment. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences.

Expertise of Eric Bardou:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeApplied Sciences / Technologies / Engineering
Topic AtmosphereClimate
Topic HydrospherePrecipitation / Runoff
Topic CryosphereCryosphere
Permafrost / Solifluction
Topic PedosphereGeology / Sediments
Topic Politics/LawAdaptation
Spatial ZonesMountain / Highland
Spatial ScaleLocal / Community
Time FramePast
Statistical FocusExtreme Events
Mean Change / Trends
MethodsData Collection - Measurement
Data Analysis
Policy Analysis and Formation
Applied Research / Technology
PolarHigh Altitude

Specialties of Eric Bardou:
Hazard due to debris flow in moutainous environement (including permafrost and glacial processes leading to outbreak) and mitigation by sustainable action (from active protection to organizational concept)

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