Luiz Felippe De Alencastro

Dr. Luiz Felippe De Alencastro

Additional functions:
  • Coordinator of RESCIF - CARE project, EPFL-HCMUT, Vietnam
  • Thesis director of a PhD student in the frame of the project "3E - Eau-Energie-Environnement", Switzerland - Burkina Faso. Member of the Conseil Scientifique du Programme Pesticides, French Ministery for Environment (MEDDE).

    Key Publications of Luiz Felippe De Alencastro (up to ten) :

    N. De la Cruz, L. Esquius, D. Grandjean, A. Magnet, A. Tungler, L.F. de Alencastro, C. Pulgarín. Degradation of emergent contaminants by UV, UV/H2O2 and neutral photo-fenton at pilot scale in a domestic wastewater treatment plant. Water Research 47, 5836 - 5845. (2013).

    Jonas Margot, Cornelia Kienle, Anoÿs Magnet, Mirco Weil, Luca Rossi, Luiz Felippe de Alencastro, Christian Abegglen, Denis Thonney, Nathalie Chèvre, Michael Schärer, D. A. Barry: Treatment of micropollutants in municipal wastewater: Ozonation or powdered activated carbon? Science of the Total Environment, 461-462, 480-498 (2013).

    F. Thevenon, L. F. de Alencastro, J-L. Loizeau, T. Adatte, D. Grandjean, W. Wildi and J. Pote: A high-resolution historical record of nutrients, trace elements and organochlorines (DDT and PCB) deposition in a drinking water reservoir (Lake Brêt, Switzerland) points at local and regional pollutant sources. Chemosphere 90, 2444 – 2452 (2013).

    Nicolas Estoppey, Adrien Schopfer, Julien Omlin, Pierre Esseiva, Etiënne L. M. Vermeirssen, Luiz F. De Alencastro: Effect of water velocity on the uptake of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) by silicone rubber (SR) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) passive samplers. An assessment of the efficiency of performance reference compounds (PRCs) in river-like flow conditions. Science of total environment 499, 319-326 (2014).

    Florian Faure, Colin Demars, Olivier Wieser, Manuel Kunz, Luiz Felippe de Alencastro: Microplastic pollution in Swiss surface waters: nature and concentrations, interaction with pollutants. Environmental Chemistry 12, 582-591 (2015).

    Nicolas Estoppey, Julien Omlin, Adrien Schopfer, Pierre Esseiva, Etiënne L. M. Vermeirssen, Olivier Delémont, Luiz F. De Alencastro: Low density polyethylene (LDPE) passive samplers for the investigation of PCB point sources in rivers. Chemosphere, 118, 268-276 (2015).

    Florian Faure, Camille Saini, Gaël Potter, Francois Galgani, Luiz Felippe de Alencastro, Pascal Hagmann: An evaluation of surface micro- and mesoplastic pollution in pelagic ecosystems of the Western Mediterranean Sea. Environ Sci Pollut Res 22, 12190-12197 (2015).

    Nicolas Estoppey, Adrien Schopfer, Camille Fong, Olivier Delémont, Luiz F. De Alencastro, Pierre Esseiva : An in-situ assessment of low-density polyethylene and silicone rubber passive samplers using methods with and without performance reference compounds in the context of investigation of polychlorinated biphenyl sources in rivers. Science of Total Environment 572, 794-803 (2016)

    Expertise of Luiz Felippe De Alencastro:
    Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
    Topic HydrosphereFresh Water Systems / Rivers / Lakes
    Precipitation / Runoff
    Topic PedosphereSoil Pollution and Restauration
    MethodsData Collection - Measurement
    Applied Research / Technology

    Specialties of Luiz Felippe De Alencastro:
    Analytical chemistry of environmental pollutants.
    Technology transfert to undevelopped countries

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    Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2020)

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