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Dr. Julien Fiore
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Key Publications of Julien Fiore (up to ten) :
Girardclos S., Fiore J., Rachoud-Schneider A., Baster I., Wildi W., 2005. Petit-Lac (western Lake Geneva) environment and climate history from deglaciation to the present: a synthesis. Boreas, 34(4): 417.

Fiore, J., Pugin, A., Beres, M., Gorin, G. and Wildi, W., 2005. Push Moraines and Associated Debris Flows Revealed by High-Resolution Seismic Reflection in Western Lake Geneva. SwissSed Meeting 2005 Abstracts, 13: 19-20.

Fiore, J., Pugin, A., Gorin, G. and Wildi, W., 2004. 3D Mapping of Glacial Deposits in Western Lake Geneva Using High-Resolution Water-Borne Seismic Reflection. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 36(5): 582.

Fiore, J., Pugin, A. and Beres, M., 2002. Sedimentological and GPR studies of subglacial deposits in the Joux Valley (Vaud, Switzerland); backset accretion in an esker followed by an erosive jokulhlaup. Geographie Physique et Quaternaire, 56(1): 19-32.

Fiore, J., 2001. Etude sédimentologique des dépôts sous-glaciaires de la Vallée de Joux (VD). Diploma Thesis, Université de Genève, 79 pp.

Specialties of Julien Fiore:
Seismic investigation of quaternary deposits (acquisition, processing, interpretation).
GIS applied to quaternary deposits, mainly for the analysis of Digital Elevation Models.

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