Henry A. Hänni

Prof. em. Henry A. Hänni
P.O. Box 921
CH-4001 Basel

E-mail: info(at)gemexpert.ch
URL Institution: www.gemexpert.ch

Additional functions:
IMA (Gemstone Section): Swiss Representative
HOKLAS Technical Expert (Hong Kong)
SKGE Swiss Chamber of Legal Experts

Key Publications of Henry A. Hänni (up to ten) :
Hänni,H.A. (1992): Identification of fissure-treated gemstones.- J.Gemm. 23, 4, 201-205
Hänni,H.A. (1994): Origin determination for gemstones: possibilities, restrictions, and reliability.- J.Gemm. 24, 3, 139-148.
Hänni, H.A., Kiefert,L., Chalain, J-P. & Wilcock, I.C. (1997): A Raman microscope in the gemmological laboratory: first experiences of application.- J. Gemmol.25,6,394-406.
Hänni, H.A., Krzemnicki, M.S., Kiefert, L. & Chalain, J.P. (2004): Ein neues Instrument für die analytische Gemmologie: LIBS.- Z.Dt.Gemmol.Ges. 53/2-3, 79-86
Hänni, H.A. (2007) A description of pearl farming with Pinctada maxima in South East Asia. J. Gemm. 30, 7/8, 357-365.

Expertise of Henry A. Hänni:
Expertise CategorySpecific Expertise
Expert TypeScientific / Fundamental Research
MethodsData Collection - Measurement

Specialties of Henry A. Hänni:
Spectroscopy (UV-VIS-IR, X-ray Fluorescence, Raman, LIBS)
testing authenticity of diamonds and other gemstones, pearls a.s.o.
teaching scientific gemmology

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