Eva Spühler-Lanz

Dr. Eva Spühler-Lanz

Phone: +41 (0) 56 424 09 46
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Key Publications of Eva Spühler-Lanz (up to ten) :
Lanz, E., Maurer, H.R., and Green, A.G.:
Refraction tomography over a buried waste disposal site, Geophysics, 63(4), 1414-1433 (1998).
Lanz, E., Boerner, D.E., Maurer, H.R. and Green, A.G.:
Landfill delineation and characterization using resistivity, electromagnetic and magnetic methods, J. Environ. Engin. Geophys., 3, 185-196 (1998)
Lanz, E., Pugin, A., Green, A.G. and Horstmeyer, H.:
Results of 2- and 3-D high-resolution seismic reflection surveying of surficial sediments, Geophys. Res. Lett., 23, 491-494 (1996)
Green, A.G., Lanz, E., Maurer, H.R. and Boerner, D.E.:
A template for geophysical investigations of small landfills, The Leading Edge, 18, 248-254 (1999).

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