Sebastian Vivero

Mr. Sebastian Vivero
PhD Student
Institut des dynamiques de la surface terrestre, IDYST
Université de Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne

Phone: +41 79 391 3164
Phone2: +41 (0) 21 692 35 30
Fax: +41 (0) 21 692 35 05
E-mail: sebastian.viveroandrade(at)
URL Institution:

Key Publications of Sebastian Vivero (up to ten) :
Farías-Barahona, D., Wilson, R., Bravo, C., Vivero, S., Caro, A., Shaw, T. E., Casassa, G., Ayala, Á., Mejías, A., Harrison, S., Glasser, N. F., McPhee, J., Wündrich, O. and Braun, M. H.: A near 90-year record of the evolution of El Morado Glacier and its proglacial lake, Central Chilean Andes, J. Glaciol., 1–15, doi:10.1017/jog.2020.52, 2020.

Farías-Barahona, D., Ayala, Á., Bravo, C., Vivero, S., Seehaus, T., Vijay, S., Schaefer, M., Buglio, F., Casassa, G. and Braun, M. H.: 60 Years of Glacier Elevation and Mass Changes in the Maipo River Basin, Central Andes of Chile, Remote Sens., 12(10), 1658, doi:10.3390/rs12101658, 2020.

Hendrickx, H., Vivero, S., De Cock, L., De Wit, B., De Maeyer, P., Lambiel, C., Delaloye, R., Nyssen, J. and Frankl, A.: The reproducibility of SfM algorithms to produce detailed Digital Surface Models: the example of PhotoScan applied to a high-alpine rock glacier, Remote Sens. Lett., 10(1), 11–20, doi:10.1080/2150704X.2018.1519641, 2019.

Vivero, S. and Lambiel, C.: Monitoring the crisis of a rock glacier with repeated UAV surveys, Geogr. Helv., 74(1), 59–69, doi:10.5194/gh-74-59-2019, 2019.

Farías-Barahona, D., Vivero, S., Casassa, G., Schaefer, M., Burger, F., Seehaus, T., Iribarren-Anacona, P., Escobar, F., Braun, M., Farías-Barahona, D., Vivero, S., Casassa, G., Schaefer, M., Burger, F., Seehaus, T., Iribarren-Anacona, P., Escobar, F. and Braun, M. H.: Geodetic Mass Balances and Area Changes of Echaurren Norte Glacier (Central Andes, Chile) between 1955 and 2015, Remote Sens., 11(3), 260, doi:10.3390/rs11030260, 2019.

P?tlicki, M., Szi?o, J., MacDonell, S. A., Vivero, S., Bialik, R. J. R., P?tlicki, M., Szi?o, J., MacDonell, S. A., Vivero, S. and Bialik, R. J. R.: Recent Deceleration of the Ice Elevation Change of Ecology Glacier (King George Island, Antarctica), Remote Sens., 9(6), 520, doi:10.3390/rs9060520, 2017.

Ayala, A., Pellicciotti, F., MacDonell, S., McPhee, J., Vivero, S., Campos, C. and Egli, P.: Modelling the hydrological response of debris-free and debris-covered glaciers to present climatic conditions in the semiarid Andes of central Chile, Hydrol. Process., 30(22), 4036–4058, doi:10.1002/hyp.10971, 2016.

Vivero, S., Sirguey, P., Fitzsimons, S. J. and Soruco, A.: A New Digital Terrain Model for the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand, using Digital Photogrammetry Techniques, in Proceedings of the 8th Mountain Cartography Workshop, edited by Commission on Mountain Cartography, International Cartographic Association, Taurewa, New Zealand. [online] Available from:, 2012.

Specialties of Sebastian Vivero:
Mountain Geomorphology, Glaciology, Mountain Permafrost, Remote Sensing, Andes, Alps, Antarctic peninsula

Last update: 8/20/20
Source of data: ProClim- Research InfoSystem (1993-2020)

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