Minor Hans-Erwin

Swiss glacier monitoring network

Project Number: ETHZ 12901
Project Type: Research_Project
Project Duration: 03/09/2005 - ?
Funding Source: ETH ,
Project Leader: Prof. em. Hans-Erwin Minor

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Research Areas:
Cryosphere (Processes)
Atmosphere (Impacts)
Cryosphere (Impacts)
Natural science
Regional scale
Systematic Monitoring and Remote Sensing
High Altitude


Glacier variations reflect changes in climate. Fluctuations in glacier length and changes and mass of glaciers represent key parameters in environmental monitoring. The Swiss Glacier Monitoring Network is a joint project by the Section of Glaciology VAW/ETHZ and the Glaciological Commission of the Swiss Academy of Sciences is the long-term monitoring of changes of the glaciers in the Swiss Alps. Seasonal measurements of the glacier length, the mass balance and the flow velocity are performed. To ongoing investigations long and continuous time series have been collected.

URL: https://www.rdb.ethz.ch/projects/project.php?proj_id=12901&type=search&z_detailed=1&z_popular=1&z_keywords=1

Last update: 4/24/17
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